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Maid Clock

Ah yes, we’d forgotten to mention this; there’s another troll program up on the App Store these days! Well, “another” may be stretching it a bit, as it’s a new release of the previously mentioned Anime Clock with new graphics. And these new graphics, of course, are definitely going to break with the increasingly established tradition of troll-written programs featuring scantily clad attractive women, aren’t they? Weeellll, it turns out this version is called Maid Clock, so …


… not so much, no. Yep, even without our active involvement in any way whatsoever, they just keep on coming. But hey, we’re always delighted to do our part to celebrate Japanese culture. Indeed, we do thoroughly recommend that should you ever visit Japan, you do make a point of checking out a maid cafĂ© or dozen; it is an extremely unusual scene to those of us hailing from a culture which is … well, any that’s not Japanese, really. When we were over there a few weeks back visiting the great people at Wayz that we’ve done a selection of applications for, it was made certain of that we didn’t miss out:


Yes, yes, the life of an iPhone programmer is a difficult and straining one, indeed. Thank you for all your sympathies. But hey, while you’re gearing up to visit Japan … you can always get the clock!