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Template: Newsreader

Feel like doing a newsreader style iPhone app? Well here we have for you something even better than sample code … an actual Xcode project template.

… The project is a starting point for creating your own tab-based newsreader apps: it includes a tab bar with 4 buttons each linked to a table view which you can fill with headlines.

Simply add a data model for your news feeds, then modify each pane’s controller class to display the data in the table view. Edit the 4 tab bar item icons, Default.png, and app icon to match your app’s theme, and you’re done.

Now that’s convenience, indeed!

  • http://www.kurotsuki.web.id/ Kurotsuki Kaitou

    And … where is it? I found 404 on the link :(

  • http://www.alexcurylo.com Alex Curylo

    Hmmm, yes, that appears to have bitrotted.

    Well, hey, it wasn’t iOS 5 + ARC, so it’s too old school to be worthwhile now!