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Tip: iTunes Links

Just in case you managed to miss this so far, Technical Q&A QA1633 has the official scoop on creating easy to read iTunes Store URLs for a specific application and/or company. The three types are:

  • Company Name:<companyname>

  • Application Name:< applicationname >

  • Application by Company:<companyname>/< applicationname >

The rules for constructing <companyname> and <applicationname> are basically to convert the text displayed in the App Store to lowercase ASCII and remove anything without an obvious counterpart in that set, with the exception that “&” becomes “and”. Like these examples:

  • Sega =>
  • ngmoco, Inc. =>
  • Chen’s Photography & Software =>
  • Ocarina =>
  • Watchmen: Justice is Coming =>
  • Brain Challenge™ =>
  • Spanish Class 2 – Bueno, entonces… ¿qué pasó con el cinco? =>

There are some extra caveats, like that these are not guaranteed to be unique in which case they bring up a search page, so it’s very likely a good idea to hand craft and test these individually rather than construct them programmatically. But hey, baby steps.