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TweetPhoto API

Feel like sending photos to Twitter from your iPhone app? Yes? Well, let us put you on our Christmas list then, “Intended Present: A Life” …

… er, we mean, we’re here to help. And not cynical about the value proposition in the slightest.

Any-ways, of the veritable plethora of services that have sprung up to serve this nonexistent need (OK, we’re done being cynical now, we swear) seems that TweetPhoto should be the choice of the discerning iPhone developer, as only they provide an open source Objective-C API:

The TweetPhoto Objective-C library is a set of drop in classes designed to allow developers to get up and running quickly with the TweetPhoto Photo Sharing API.

This library includes every feature you’ll need to manage the entire photo sharing experience within your application – from uploading photos, commenting, favoritng, and voting to social feeds, user feeds, and everything in between…

Indeed. Who could possibly resist?

h/t: MobileOrchard!