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Fashion Network Original

Aaaaaaand another fine troll project just pranced its way onto the App Store today, this one a simple little online video player for the Fashion Network; and why yes, yes indeed — we don’t even have to tell you this any more, do we? — the screenshots feature, surprise! scantily clad attractive women.


Yes, we know our protestations that this is not at all intentional in the slightest are getting increasingly unbelievable with each new attractive female featuring release, but it’s completely 100% true, we just happened to get an email about dashing off a few hours’ worth of video player project at just the exact time we had a few hours to spare, and in short order, here we are. It just happens to work out this way. Weird, huh?

(Unfortunately, this one does not qualify as a successful troll project — one rejection cycle this time, as playing these MP4 fashion videos over cellular broke Apple’s data use policies, whoops. So take notes, Application Rejection Reason #Umpety-Nineteen: do not attempt to play high quality MP4s over the cell network. YouTube, however, that’s cool.)

Any-ways, it’s just a simple list of videos you can play; but hey, it’s free, so if keeping in touch with the latest fashion productions is your kind of thing … here you go!

Fashion Network