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Bump API

So, you checked out that Bump app that lets you exchange contact info and photos by, well, bumping your iPhones? Kinda cool, huh? Wouldn’t it be neat if you could add that to your own apps easily? Well, guess what

This week, we (Bump Technologies) announced the availability of an iPhone SDK/API that allows developers to use the Bump matching technology in their own apps. The API lets you add easy in-person connectivity / identification by just bumping two phones together…with only about 10 lines of code.

The really interesting part, from the FAQ, is that since this is server-based it supports Android apps as well:

Q: Cool, but doesn’t this only work between two iPhones?

No! Bump currently supports iPhone, iPod touch, and Android. We are working to bring Bump to other platforms soon. Today, there are several other phones that include the sensors that Bump needs to feel bumps, but in the next few years, the vast majority of new phones will have these sensors. We plan to offer Bump on all of them, and Bump will work between any two of them.

Q: Wait, you are saying an Android phone can bump an iPhone?

You bet. Any two devices running Bump can bump each other.

Cool beans, yep. And apparently it won’t be a huge license fee, although this is a trifle nebulous:

Bump for Free!

We want to make it as easy as possible to use the Bump API. If your app isn’t overloading our servers or generating incremental revenue with each bump, chances are the Bump API will be totally free to you.

They have a list of suggested apps here, just in case your imagination is limited, but we’re quite sure you won’t need it. So check out the tutorial here, and the API resources here, and if that looks interesting, get an API key here and go!

h/t: Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Developers!