Under the Bridge


Here’s a post worth reading about the marketing travails of a cute little iPhone app called FlowerGarden:

Making A Living (Barely) On The iPhone App Store (aka The Numbers Post)

The App Store is a very hit-driven environment. A few apps sell a large amount of units, and the great majority sell next to nothing. That’s somewhat similar to the music industry, except that the audience for music is much larger, so both the big hits and the small players get more sales. We’ve drooled over the numbers chart toppers sold, we’ve seen sales reports of very successful games, and we’ve also seen what happens when apps languish at the bottom.

I want to share the sales data for Flower Garden. Not just the raw data, but a bit of the story behind it, my thoughts, struggles, and why things happened the way they did…

Worth reading start to finish, as any hard data on sales figures always is, but the particularly interesting bit is that there’s some hard data on the experience of adding in-app purchase to both free and paid versions of Flower Garden. There isn’t much out there yet on people’s experiences with IAP — if you know of any, please share — but going by this fellow’s experience it looks like it’s a pretty good idea. Which reinforces our intention to getting around to implementing an IAP version of our Poses line Real Soon Now!