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Roundup: Crash Reporters

If programs you write ever crash — so, obviously, we’re not talking about trolls today! Ho ho! — it might have occurred to you that it would be nice to have some automated reporting about what actually happened to the angry users’ machine. It’s a bit easier on the iPhone these days now that Apple provides reports on crashes in iTunes Connect … if the user sends them when syncing, etc. But there’s absolutely nothing like that on the desktop; they go into the Apple black hole and never come out. So you might want to do it yourself. And here is a list of more options than we were ever aware of!

The only one of great interest to iPhone-only programmers, apparently, is still PLCrashReporter which we’d noted here a while back.

If you need a solution applicable to Windows &/or Linux, Breakpad the Mozilla crash reporter (also used by Google apparently) would be your flavor.

Mac desktop only solutions, some of which include feedback and other various goodies, are:






ILCrashReporter and branch ILCrashReporter-NG


Should be a flavor for everybody in there somewhere!