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Roundup: Sound Design

So let’s say you’re looking for some extra-special sound effects for your game (or whatever). Sure, there’s oodles and kaboodles of clip sound collections out there, and online sources like

The Freesound Project



but they tend to never be just quite what you’re looking for, do they? If you have delusions of competency grandiose enough to want to muck around with creating sounds yourself, here’s a couple tools you may not have heard of that let you do pretty nifty stuff:

IRCAM’s AudioSculptexamples here

cfxr, a Cocoa port of sfxr

Or, of course, if you have an actual budget, you could just hire a professional to do it. And here’s a list of designers that we’ve stumbled across mentions of on the various iPhone-related places we frequent, with at least no negative feedback attached:



Noise Buffet

Sound for Games Interactive

Impact Game Audio

Marios Takoushis

Todd Kinsley

Not that we’re actually recommending any of these; but presumably they would be a good start for designers that aren’t completely unfamiliar with the iPhone environment.

And as a ‘one more thing’ tip, if once you finally get Your Perfect Background Music Loops™ you’re having trouble getting them to sound seamless, the tips in here could be of assistance:

Gapless looping MP3 tracks

Any other designers, tools, sites, whatever that you figure should appear here, Dear Readers?