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LinkShare analytics

So as a conscientious IPhone developer, no doubt you signed up to be an iTunes affiliate to get that extra 5% on your upgrades and all as we described here, but as you’ve probably noticed, there’s a definite dearth of feedback through LinkShare on where exactly all those monthly megabucks (well, in our case it’s decabucks, but we trust you’re putting more effort into it than we’ve bothered so far) are coming from. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to track exactly which clicked link resulted in what kickbacks?

Well, turns out there is a really complicated super secret way to manage that. And here it is:

All you really need to do is add a ‘&u1=<your_custom_signature>’ to the end of the url.

OK, so it’s not that really complicated.

It’s not all that super secret either, actually … more like hidden in plain sight from those that don’t bother looking around much. The trick is to find the LinkShare Affiliate Resource Center and click on LinkShare Signature Technology, which gives you a document to fill out to request that they turn on this signature tracking for your account — [EDIT: And when you do, you get an email back the next day telling you "Please note that all affiliates are enabled for the LinkShare Signature Technology. Thus, you no longer need to submit us that form." Apparently website currency is not a high priority at LinkShare... ] — and a PDF of instructions on how to use it and access the reports. Which pretty much boils down to the quote above.

So there you go; built-in analytics with your LinkShare referrals! W00t!