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Tip: Xcode function marks

Here’s a handy tip for all you non-C-based-language Xcode users out there; if you wished that you could have helpful comments in your function popup lists like C-based languages do with

#pragma mark Text here

it turns out that, as a matter of fact, that capability is built into the Xcode editor! In C-based languages, any comment line that starts with

// TODO: Text here
// FIXME: Text here
// MARK: Text here
// !!!: Text here
// ???: Text here

will insert the commented text in the popup just as if you’d typed out #pragma mark. Which saves a few keystrokes, whoopie; however, apparently the same trick also works for native comments in Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby! Helpful little convention to adopt, then, we believe we’ll start doing that everywhere.