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Library: 3D Globe

Here’s an interesting — if somewhat niche — licensable library just released for your iPhone programming: an interactive 3D globe!

Some of the features of the globe are:

  • Zooming and navigation of the globe with standard iPhone gestures
  • Smooth rotation between two sets of GPS points
  • Multiple high resolution texture maps of the globe
  • Textures that shows country borders and names
  • Adding effects on the globe at a given set of gps coordinates. This can be a glowing effect or drop pins like on a travel map
  • Code is well comment and structure so that it is easy to extend
  • Ability to double tap on the screen and have the code translate the tap into the GPS coordinates of that location

Just the thing if you need it, indeed. Not that one often does we suppose, but hey speaking for ourselves one of these days if we ever find the time to do that iPhone client for we’ve been tossing around the idea of doing, we’d definitely look into this 3D Globe thingy some more. In the meantime, there’s a free app available to show the globe in action, an iPhone interface to what looks like a most fascinating travel website that we had not previously been aware of,

Planning a trip? Find local help in 165 countries! Ask Questions. Book Services…

We created because many of the best travel experiences start with getting to know a local person like you. brings travelers and Localytes together to promote authentic travel experiences….

Localytes are local people who are proud of where they live and want to share their local knowledge with Travelers.

As it happens, we’ve just been contemplating taking a break in the nearish future, and this certainly does look like an interesting site to look into in more depth. So if you are interested in either traveling or becoming one of their localytes, or just want to check out how 3D Globe performs … hey, the app is free!