Source: iPhoneDevCamp 3

Here’s a good selection of open source that we’d missed ’til now: Several of the winning projects from iPhoneDevCamp 3’s Hackathon have their source available online. Stuff like:

iPhone ARKit

An open source ui library for displaying location based data in spherical coordinate systems mirroring UI Kit on the phone. A list of CLLocation objects can be submitted and our library will handle drawing of the locations on screen.

OpenFlow: a CoverFlow API replacement for the iPhone

A free, open source replacement for Appleā€™s private CoverFlow API. The initial release is simple, but it is also efficient and very fast, even on first generation iPhones.

Avatar Wall

AvatarWall recreates the experience of the WWDC App Wall using the Twitter avatars of iPhoneDevCamp followers, and whenever one of them posts a tweet, their icon pulsates to help you more easily identify the source of the latest banter.

Lots more too — read the whole list!

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