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Play MPE Player

Ah yes, another excellent Trollwerks project has hit the App Store: Destiny Media Technologies‘ Play MPEĀ® Player, the iPhone version of the desktop client for the Play MPE secure music distribution system!


And we’ve been waiting to tell you that news for a looooong time now. “How loooong a time”, you ask? Why, let us tell you how long! The binary that hit the App Store this afternoon was submitted on May 9th. How long is that? That’s 130 days. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DAYS. 18 weeks. 3120 hours. 187,200 minutes. 11,232,000 seconds. And not a single word of feedback anywhere in that ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DAYS except from the trained parrot that Apple has warbling “Your application is requiring unexpected time for review! Your application is requiring unexpected time for review! Awrk! Squawk!” in response to every attempt at opening some kind of communication channel.

Not that we’re bitter or anything, mind you. All’s well that ends well … eventually. But it certainly would be nice to have just a smidgen more transparency to this process wouldn’t it? But hey, it could be worse, they could have actually found something wrong in my code!

Any-ways, if you’re not aware of the Play MPE system already, chances are this isn’t for you; but if you are in it, you want to go get this RIGHT NOW to get at all your prerelease music on your iPhone!