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And continuing our theme from yesterday of things to be vaguely aware of but not get overly excited about, in case you didn’t read any news today, now — the joy! — porting .NET apps to the iPhone just got a lot easier:

Mono developers have shrunk their open-source implementation of the .NET runtime down to iPhone size. Novell on Monday unfurled MonoTouch, a commercial toolkit that allows developers to use Microsoft’s development framework to build apps for Apple’s ubiquitous mobile.

MonoTouch consists of a suite of compilers, libraries, and tools for integrating with the iPhone and iPod Touch SDK. It lets developers use C# and other .NET programming languages for the Apple devices, rather than wading into C and Objective-C…

Indeed. Whilst one’s natural reaction is “come on in guys, the water’s fine” or perhaps “that’s ok, we like our pool clean” (we kid! we kid!) there’s always the possibility, hard though this is to imagine, that there could be something worthwhile written in .NET one might want to port to the iPhone. Or that you’re developing something which has a requirement to run natively on Windows. In which case … hey, this would be handy to know about!

h/t: 71^2!