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Authoring: GameSalad

If you’re the type to be interested in cross-platform authoring tools like Torque and Unity, here’s another option for you to check out: GameSalad!

GameSalad is the world’s most advanced game development tool for non-programmers. From an easy to use logic and physics system, to a visual based interface, and even the means to share your games to the iPhone, Desktop, and Web – GameSalad provides everything you need to get your game from concept to execution. Simply download the tool to a your Mac, install, and start making games!

Indeed. Good luck with that. But hey, it does look more Mac-centric than the more established competitors, which is always a good thing, and if your ideas really are that simple, perchance this could be an option. This little note and lingering vague awareness of its existence are about as far as we plan to get involved … but hey, if you actually try it out, we’re certainly interested in hearing your opinion!

h/t: ipodnn!