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Library: AntiCrack

Whilst as we’ve mentioned before we feel it is at the very best a complete waste of time and more usually actively harmful by way of annoying your honest customers to spend anything past the most cursory efforts at copy protecting software that’s delivered to a user’s machine … there are many who do not agree. Some of which have money to back up their disagreement with! So, for their benefit — and ours if they’re paying — here’s a library that may be of some interest:

AntiCrack contains proven technology which completely eliminates the risk of your apps getting pirated. As of version 2.0 it contains the strongest defense mechanisms possible to detect cracking attempts as well as technology to thwart Crackulous. In version 1.x it was only possible to detect cracks and not prevent them. Our cutting edge research team has developed two new methods which make it impossible for Crackulous to even decrypt your app. Also AntiCrack 2.0 is completely rewritten from ground up to make it unfeasable for crackers to try to disable AntiCrack with a hex editor…

A certain red flag and bull air to the hubris on display here, wethinks. But hey, if you’re less cynical than we are, give it a shot!

h/t: iphonesb!