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Tip: CodeSign FAIL

Here’s a little tip we stumbled across whilst digging into that Facebook thing, which we haven’t run into ourselves but would be handy to know when we do:

Okay, so you’ve spent months working hard on your iPhone project, and you finally go gold. You get sign off from your client, you’ve squashed the last of your bugs and you think “I’m ready to submit this bad boy!”. You package it up for release as per Apple’s instructions, and then try and upload it using the Application Loader that Apple supplies.

Then you get a message from the Application Loader:

Application failed codesign verification.

What the?? If you check the activity log you also see the following:

A sealed resource is missing or invalid

Yep, sounds like the kind of “helpful” message you get when things go wrong. And what is the solution? Why here you go:

After countless hours trawling Google and finding nothing, I worked out that I needed to do two things:

1. Remove all files from the project that started with ._ (dot then underscore). See my previous post for more, however you just open the terminal and run find . -name "._*" -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf from the command line in the root of the project

2. Make sure that the Icon File setting in the info.plist file is empty

After making these two changes, and rebuilding my project (make sure you do a “clean all”) it submitted to Apple without problem. I really hope that helps someone…

Handy if you need it!