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Camera Shutter Animation

So let’s say you have a camera-using application and you want to make a screencast using the simulator, since videos of the iPhone screen suck, but you’ve been rather stymied by the lack of camera functionality in the simulator. Well, guess what, now some helpful fellows have fixed that! For some value of “fixed” that equates to “provided animations to fake it”, anyways:

… So, we searched the ‘net for someone who may have had the same problem, hoping to find an app/animation/resource/whatever that might make our lives a little easier. Sadly, we couldn’t find anything.

As these things go, we spent a bit of time building our own camera animations, and we’ve decided to share them with the community. It’s our hope that these animations will help anyone who finds themselves in the same situation we were in.

First, download iPhone Camera Shutter (7.24 MB)…

A handy little addition to your screencast-making bag of tricks, indeed.

h/t: iPhoneFlow!