Under the Bridge

Poses Volume 1

Ah, here we go; our first written copublished application has finally gone live. “Finally,” you ask? Yes, finally. This application was in review since January 18th. Why? Apple only knows … and they’re not telling. There really needs to be some greater degree of transparency there, doesn’t there now? But hey, here it is for you now — Poses Volume 1: The First Female Collection!


This is a collaboration with photographytips.com to bring their printed book Guide To Posing the Female Model — a smash hit as that kind of thing goes, we understand — to the iPhone, in response to massive public outcry. And this is the first fruit of that collaboration, the first installment of three planned to cover the entire book. The particularly nifty bit — and probably what caused the holdup, since although it uses only published APIs it does mess around with the internals of the camera picker just a little it, which isn’t forbidden but isn’t explicitly documented either — is a feature we call “Fit Pose”, to take a given image and move/rotate/scale it translucently over the camera picker, for when you want to make sure that your model fits the pose exactly.


Pretty cool, huh? Well, enough chat, here’s the link – go buy it NOW! Or, if you have a place to publish a review for us somewhere, email us and ask for a promo code, and chances are pretty darn good we’ll give you one!

UPDATE: Poses Professional is the latest version!