Under the Bridge

Library: PLCrashReporter

Here’s another even more useful open source library from those great guys at PlausibleLabs who did the ActorKit project we mentioned before; PLCrashReporter, a crash reporting framework you can use on the desktop, in the simulator, and on the device:

Plausible CrashReporter provides an in-process crash reporting framework for use on both the iPhone and Mac OS X.

Crash reports are output as protobuf-encoded messages, and may be decoded using the CrashReporter library or any Google Protobuf decoder.

The CrashReporter library handles both uncaught exceptions and fatal signals.


  • Implemented as a in-process fully async-safe signal handler.
  • Does not interfere with debugging in gdb
  • Handles both uncaught Objective-C exceptions and fatal signals (SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, etc)
  • Backtraces for all active threads are provided.
  • Provides full register state for the crashed thread.

Is that awesome, or what? We’ve worked with a few of these kinds of frameworks before, but this looks rather better than any of them, even leaving aside the whole works on the phone thing. Definitely going to stick this into all our projects just as soon as we have a minute. Read about it here, download the code here!

h/t: iphonesdk!