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iPhone UI Stencil

If you’re a fan of the most excellent OmniGraffle — and if you haven’t heard of it, the best description of it is “like Visio, except it doesn’t suck” — you will no doubt be thrilled to hear that resource site Graffletopia now has up for download no less than The Ultimate iPhone Stencil:

This is the ultimate stencil for folks designing iPhone interfaces.


• Contains backgrounds, title bars, buttons, selectors, and other iPhone UI elements

• Text is fully editable on lists, title bars, buttons, and scroll wheels

• Buttons can be resized horizontally by ungrouping, resizing the middle element, and then regrouping the elements back into a single button

• Taken from actual screenshots. No fake art!

h/t: On a Mac!


And now for something completely different

No, there’s nothing here relevant to iPhones, programming, or Apple … but this tickled our funny bones too much to not pass on. See, in case you haven’t heard, there’s this girl from Alaska running for something or other down south, and some people are upset about that. In particular, about this Alaskan lady having gone to some effort to award an LNG pipeline contract to TransCanada. And why, you ask, is that?

Guess which foreign power will own the pipeline and control the flow of Alaska’s natural gas? Guess which foreign power will be able to decide how much it wants to charge Alaska for the use of the only viable way to get its gas to the lower 48? The country that tried to spread lies about a major presidential candidate this spring before the Ohio primary, because its conservative government favors John McCain’s energy policy of dependence on foreign oil over Barack Obama’s policy of energy independence. Give up?


Yes, even Canada can be a dangerous foreign power when its lobbyists are also bundlers for all of the major presidential candidates except Obama, and its prime minister tells lies about Obama and it is trying to sell its dirty, greenhouse gas generating oilsands oil to America even though Obama and the nation’s mayors do not want it. The multibillion dollar gas pipeline deal that Sarah Palin is so proud of, the one that she has revoked Exxon’s oil leases on the Northern Slopes for, is with a Canadian Company called TransCanada. Once that pipeline is built, a foreign company will control Alaska’s natural gas flow.

Now, that is foreign energy dependence that we can count on.

Yes, indeed! TREMBLE before us scary DANGEROUS Canadians, U.S. voters! Mwahahahaha!!


The iPhone fridge

And here we have no doubt a winner for quite a while in the Most Apparently Insane Apple-Licensed iPhone Accessory sweepstakes: The iPhone/iPod docking refrigerator. No, seriously.

Slovenia-based Gorenje used IFA to introduce the first refrigerator to feature an iPod and iPhone dock. The product is officially endorsed by Apple, and offers a docking port that will stream music from the personal Apple devices. In addition to playing the content of and charging the devices, users who plug their Wi-Fi-equipped iPhones or iPod Touch devices into the dock will be able to control their appliances’ operation via a network and the iGorenj software.

Despite the name, the software not only works with the Apple devices, but other wireless Internet capable devices such as smart phones and PCs. Gorenje promises to soon reveal more kitchen appliances compatible with the software, allowing users to, for example, set oven temperatures remotely to preheat the oven before reaching home. The software will also include links to recipes and tips on everything from cooking to washing your clothes.

Heh. OK, next time we’re buying a refrigerator, we know which one we’re getting! 

h/t: iPodNN!