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cocos2d-iphone library

Today we have another native iPhone Open Source library in development for you:

cocos2d-iphone is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. It is based on the cocos2d design: it uses the same API, but instead of using python it uses objective-c.

A cocos2d-iphone application consists of several scenes, and a workflow connecting the different scenes. It provides you with a “director” which handles the workflow between scenes. Each scene is composed of an arbitrary number of layers; layers take care of drawing to the screen (using the OpenGL ES APIs), handling events and in general contain all of the game/application logic.

cocos2d-iphone simplifies the game development in these areas:

  • Defining a workflow for your game
  • Creating special effects in layers
  • Creating transitions between scenes
  • Managing sprites
  • Basic menus
  • Integrated Chipmunk 2d physics engine
  • Particle system
  • Text rendering support
  • Touch/Accelerometer support
  • Integrated Pause/Resume
  • Language: objective-c

You can find a gallery of screenshots here.

And the source can be downloaded from Google Code here.

h/t: iphonesdk!


Win an iPod touch!

Hey, if you have an Air Miles card and some spare time to surf while at work — here’s a promo you just perhaps may be interested in:

Yep, just go to the contest site for each day of the 40 … er, 37 … days remaining, click a couple times to see their daily advertising, and you have a chance to win an iPod touch every day, and $5K at the end.

Hey, we all need our dreams!


jQuery Touch Plugin

Here’s an interesting-looking new jQuery plugin release for those of you doing iPhone Web development:

I have written a jQuery plugin that can use the built in Touch methods including ontouchstart, ontouchend, ontouchmove, ongesturestart, ongesturechange and ongestureend.

You may specify what options you want available for the specified
target(s), including: animate, dragx, dragy, rotate, resort and scale.



h/t: iPhoneWebDev!


13 iPhone blogging apps

The good folk over at have put together a survey of the first crop of iPhone blogging apps, check it out:

13 Apps to Turn Your iPhone into a Blogging Machine


WordPress for iPhone source released

And then there were two! Yep, today the number of released open source applications for the iPhone doubled, as the promised source for WordPress for iPhone joins the yesterday-mentioned Box Office.

Instructions for retrieving the source are here; grab it, check it out, and … hey, you know the drill by now!


BoxOffice: iPhone Open Source

Oh, look at that, the WordPress client for iPhone is not actually the first Open Source iPhone application released, contrary to what we thought: that esteemed honour (far as we know now, just to hedge) goes to … BoxOffice! From the project page at Google Code:

The line at the movies starts and ends in your pocket.

With iPhone and BoxOffice, you can read reviews, locate theaters and show times, even purchase tickets.

BoxOffice allows you to:

  • browse local theaters by movies, show times, and distance
  • check rating scores from
  • order tickets directly from participating theaters
  • check out what’s playing at your favorite theater
  • keep movie and theater information on your iPhone, even without a network connection
  • Grab it at the App Store now … if you live in the U.S., the currently posted version only supports zip codes. If you live in Canada … hey, grab the source and build it yourself, then it works fine — check it out:

    Gotta love that Open Source goodness, oh yeah. Again, if any of you have any features you’d like to see added to this, well hey, just convince me it’s a good idea and there she’ll be!


    WordPress for iPhone released!

    The official WordPress for iPhone blogging application is up at the App Store now! If, like us, you have a WordPress blog — and really, who doesn’t, these days? — grab it and check out that mobile blogging goodness.

    But wait! There’s more! Not only have these good fellows created an notably useful application, and given it away for free, they’re also making it Open Source — the first complete and shipping iPhone application to be so, as far as we’re aware. Now isn’t that just an awesome sandwich on bread of awesome? At the moment it says “We’ll have more information about the project and how you can contribute soon”; we’ll be certain to update you with the exact details soon as they’re out, as we are for sure going to be jumping on that just as soon as we find something we want that’s missing. And if any of you find features you want are missing from the main release — hey, just convince us that we want them too, and they’ll be there in very short order!



    iphone-universal for webdev

    And now for the non-native community, here’s the CSS3/HTML iphone-universal at Google Code for your iPhone Web UI developing goodness:

    This is my personal project, dedicated to anyone who wants to develop web applications for the iPhone. It all began when Apple launched a few examples of iPhone UI made with CSS and HTML examples which I found them mediocre and incomplete.

    This toolkit has lot of well coded, standarized HTML, CSS3 based, iPhone UI examples. Every example was made aiming to get the same pixel quality look of the standard iPhone compiled apps. You will find examples of normal lists, forms, and other UI godness and, for the delight of all, this project is licensed under GPL3.

    Initial reaction to the announcement appears favorable,

    I just played around with the framework, and I think it looks fantastic! I’ve been developing an iPhone site with the iUI toolkit, but at first glance, iphone-universal’s code looks *much* cleaner and easier to understand (and iUI is pretty simple…). 

    so check it out for your next iPhone web app!

    h/t: iPhoneWebDev!



    UIKitPlus for iPhone

    Here’s a new project at Google Code for all you iPhone programmers to check out: UIKitPlus — ‘a set of additions to Apple’s UIKit framework, aimed to make creating first-class iPhone and iPod touch applications much easier and faster.’ As described by the creator:

    I have created a BSD-licensed Google Code project called “UIKitPlus”
    to host useful UI code for iPhone OS development. Currently, it hosts
    L0EntryTable, which is an “intelligent” table view (the basis of all
    future data entry table views in Coinpurse) in an early stage of
    development. “Data entry” table views are similar to those used in the
    Settings application, where data is presented and the user can alter
    it. It already supports the following: …

    … Anyone who wants to leech the code/help with it is welcome. And if you
    have other goodies of this kind you’re willing to license with BSD,
    I’ll be happy to host them in the repository.

    Share and enjoy!

    h/t: iPhoneSDK!


    Location-aware app survey

    Here’s an interesting first look at the uses being made of location services in the initial iPhone application crop:

    I went through the iTunes store, reviewed and captured most of the applications that in one way or another incorporate location awareness … By my count about 10% of the apps had location as a prominent feature of the offering or proposition.

    The 58 (!!) page 8.9 meg PDF report can be downloaded directly here!