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iPhone SDK beta 6!

So, start up Software Update and get on board with 10.5.3 if you haven’t already — then go grab that SDK beta 6 goodness!



Now this is interesting: Google is now providing a CDN service for certain JavaScript libraries, called ”Google Ajax Libraries API.” So now instead of dealing with libraries yourself, you can just have Google

  • Manage the hosting, caching, and versioning/bugfixes
  • Serve up a minified version, if one is officially supported
  • Serve the same version to anyone else using it

So that’s helpful to anyone writing web pages by reducing code management hassle, but on the bandwidth-limited iPhone browsing over cell networks (3G or not) that last one is a really compelling reason to get on board, since sharing caching with any other page that happens to use that library as well is going to make the user’s experience noticeably better no doubt. Here’s the list of libraries they support right off:

I’d say that narrows right down the list of AJAX libraries we’re even going to consider learning!

h/t: Slashdot!


iFunding is hard

So it looks like it’s really not that easy to get your hands on that iFund money. Certainly my one submission so far got nothing but the “we have concluded that it is not an opportunity that we are prepared to pursue at this time” form email back, but I wasn’t surprised at that, it was a fairly subtle tweak to an established model with no particularly valuable proprietary IP involved — but hey, it was iPhone-specific, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

However, looks like pretty much everybody is having the same luck! The current stats are two (2) officially funded, and reputedly one (1) more with an offer and ten (10) being considered seriously — out of some 1700 applications. Well, that’s not a high hit rate, is it?

Number 1 is Pelago Whrrl, as we mentioned earlier.

Number 2 is a company called iControl, which if I’m getting the gist of things correctly is basically writing an appliance controller app, like the old school X10 controller software such as Indigo, just better hardware. 

So there you go; now we have double the number of actual examples of what it takes to get iFunded. Put those thinking caps on, people!

h/t: iPodNN!



Review: Sonic Impact i-F3

So already in our fledging Cocoa Touch programming career we’ve noticed an issue that is rather obvious once you think about it: It’s rather hard to do a group demo/review with one of these devices. Particularly when your projects are things like games or media players that involve, you know, sound.

But, while we were checking out the Vancouver Apple Store grand opening this morning, we stumbled across on their display tables a wonderful way to address this problem, which has a number of other benefits as well: the Sonic Impact i-F3 portable iPod clock radio! Here’s what it looks like:

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Vancouver Apple Store OPENS!

So Vancouver finally has an Apple Store of our very own in Pacific Centre and of course we headed down to this morning’s grand opening — since it’s only four blocks away and all — and took some pictures for you!

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Code Snippets:

Over on cocoa-dev, the single most useful resource for Cocoa development we’re aware of, there’s been some muttering lately about how it would be nifty to have a central directory for open source Cocoa components, rather than scurrying around to all the various open source project sites, people’s individual home pages, yadayadayada. Which is a good idea. Turns out, there’s already one started at

and they have the particular criterion that “You must agree that your submissions may be used in commercial applications.” Rather a useful resource for the professional programmer then. Use it, and tell all your programming friends to use it too!

h/t: cocoa-dev!


Apple Store Pacific Centre: 4 DAYS!

Hey, it’s not going to be “next month” for the Vancouver Apple Store as per previous reports – it’s going to be a mere four more days!

The Apple Store Pacific Centre will open to the public on Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

See ya there!

h/t: MacSurfer!


WWDC schedule posted!

The session schedule for WWDC has gone live — pick your excitement now, those of you who didn’t wait too long … or are planning to buy from scalpers!

h/t: MacUser!


Rogers FTW!

Let’s check out today’s Canadian iPhone rumours: June, check; 3G, check; “least expensive data plan of any carrier announced to date” — say what?

Data, however, is expected to cost less than for American customers, those same tips indicate. The sources claim that the iPhone will qualify for Rogers’ $7 on-device browsing plan, which currently allows all phones offered by Rogers (excepting BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices) to access the web as much as they like through the carrier’s officially-sanctioned browser. Whether Rogers will allow YouTube, the App Store, and other official but non-web devices to fall into the unlimited plan is unknown…

For those non-Canadians in our audience, Rogers is the only iPhone-capable network up here, and when the iPhone was announced last year, the closest to its unlimited data plan then available for anything through Rogers was $295/month, limit of 500 MB, with around 1/10 the minutes  to boot.

What a difference a not-quite-year makes!

h/t: MacNN!


Pick the Trollwerks logo!

So, we’ve finally got around to formally incorporating ourselves as “TROLLWERKS INC.” for iPhone development initiatives, and we’re celebrating this by evolving the First Ascent trollsheep into a New Exciting 2K8 Brand™ logo. And we want YOUR help with this! Below the cut, we have seven possible design directions: We’d like you to comment which ones you find the most appropriately troll — that is, which of these designs reach out, GRAB you by the throat, and HEADBUTT you? Ch-ch-check ‘em out:

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