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Switcher: Salesforce.com!

Now here’s something I hadn’t heard yet: Apple’s about to have a new big enterprise shop to add to its evangelism of the value of switching from Windows — no less than the 4000-odd employees of

The proverbial Impeccable Source™ tells me

Salesforce.com is giving Macs to all employees. Yup, all 4000 of us; we are going to be one of the largest enterprise software Mac shops around. As the leases come up for the Dells, IT is replacing with Macs.

And why, you ask, Security! The resources it takes to defend against all the stuff the baddies throw at a PC, it’s just cheaper/easier to pay a few bucks more for a Mac and not have any of those issues.

With the Google Apps integration, and moving to the Mac, we will be free of the clutches of the Redmond Beast!

You really couldn’t ask for a much better endorsement of your value to the forward-looking enterprise than being officially adopted by Salesforce.com, could you now?

  • http://www.bitchsessions.com slappy

    Is this for real or a rumor? Any link to provide us? If true, thats pretty awesome.

  • http://www.alexcurylo.com/ Alex

    The person who sent me this email didn’t realize that I’d started this blog five days ago. When I replied and asked “by the way, do you mind that I posted this on my new blog?” the answer was

    “Oh God. Nice view here underneath the bus. Most of the company doesn’t know this.”

    So yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s for real. And that he strongly regrets not explicitly stating that it was supposed to be a secret :)

  • jack

    I find this tough to believe considering how SF integrates so tightly with Outlook. I realize that they could all run VMWare or Parallels, but that doesn’t seem like it would save them anything as they would still be susceptible to viruses in the VMs.

    But on the other hand, as a Mac using SF user, will be great to see if they can increase the integration on the Mac side.

  • http://www.bitchsessions.com slappy

    LOL.. Well it won’t be a secret for long as this is linked at Macsurfer site. That’s how I stumbled upon it. I sure hope its true though. :-)

  • Brent


    Dealing with viruses in VMs is a much easier task for IT than dealing with viruses on traditionally-installed Windows.

  • Stiv Bator

    They did participate in the iphone demo w/jobs, didn’t they?

    Maybe salesforce is giving them all iphones.

  • Hamish

    I got an email from Apple the other day regarding their employee purchase programme (I am on their list of reps at the firm I work for) – seems the love is mutual! Checked the email headers and sure enough, the email had been sent by SalesForce.

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  • Wm. Cerniuk

    For security reasons, the Army did it in late 1998 for its official public web presence http://www.Army.mil and it has been a raging success.

  • http://www.voices.com Voices 2.0

    Cool. I’m a salesforce user and a mac-owner. I’m sure the Mac integration will get tighter moving forward.

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  • capt.obvious

    I am sure that the SF rep who sold DELL like 40,000 seats is either shitting a brick or laughing all the way to the bank.

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  • moreso

    Some security hints for switchers.

    On Mac OS X you can use ipfw (firewall, http://textsnippets.com/posts/show/1267 ), clamav (virus scanner, http://textsnippets.com/posts/show/1427 ) and local socks proxy for Safari ( http://textsnippets.com/posts/show/1326 ) to get additional security for free.

    And there are even more security tools listed on info sites such as http://osx.hyperjeff.net/Apps/apps?f=secure .

    Just my two cents.

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  • Rob

    Lol… nice way to waste piles of money. If you’re really getting hit by malware on a corporate environment, you need to replace your IT staff, not your equipment.

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  • http://duanestorey.com Duane Storey

    @Rob – stop drinking the kool-aid. I was a die hard windows user and developer for most of my life, and it’s a pain in the ass to keep a Windows machine running and infection free (notice the “was” – I finally moved to macs last year). Even in the corporate environment IT guys have to go around forcing everyone to take security updates on Windows machines just so they don’t fall down in a heaping virus-filled mess from time to time.

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