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jQuery iPhone Plugin

This looks like it’ll be of interest to you JavaScript programmers targeting the iPhone: There’s a new plugin for what I gather is the generally well-regarded jQuery JavaScript library (dual licensed under MIT/GPL, which equates to “do absolutely anything at all you can conceive of with it”) for iPhone-related functionality, which is eponymously named the jQuery iPhone Plugin. Here’s the initial features mentioned in the announcement post:

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WPTouch: WordPress iPhonified!

If you have a WordPress blog (and really, who doesn’t, these days?) we have some excellent news for you: today there’s a great — a seriously great — WordPress plugin now available that automatically formats your blog for visitors using an iPhone or iPod touch. Check this out:

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Confirmed: Canada iPhone!

No, seriously, Rogers the one&only Canadian GSM provider confirmed it this morning:

TORONTO, April 29 /CNW/ – Ted Rogers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rogers Communications Inc. today issued the following statement:

We’re thrilled to announce that we have a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to Canada later this year. We can’t tell you any more about it right now, but stay tuned.

Well, isn’t that just an awesome sandwich on bread of awesome? I’m guessing that “later this year” almost certainly means “as soon as we receive our first shipments of iPhone 2.0 hardware,” so hopefully should not be long.

I wonder how the Canada “iPhone” trademark issue I mentioned earlier got worked out? Hopefully by a good ol’ smackdown and not by ransom, but whatever, apparently it’s sorted and life is all good.

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Shortening the tail

Wow, we’re getting popular; we now have a grand total of 15 authority at Technorati! You may recall, when we got our first authority point, we jumped from blog rank 10,280,644 to 5,137,428. And how does 14 more points do us? Why, we’re all the way into the top million — w00t! — with a rank as I write of a stunning 646,322. That’s pretty good out of “over 112.8 million blogs” isn’t it now? Not that we’re going to stop nipping at the heels of the 646,321 above us, of course!


WebKit Innovations

Over at the coderead blog there’s an interesting post on the pace of new developments in WebKit with specific links to the Surfin’ Safari blog, which gathers together a handy list which we’ll copy here for easy future reference:

  • 2008-04-24 – CSS Masks
  • 2008-04-17 – CSS Canvas Drawing
  • 2008-04-14 – CSS Gradients
  • 2008-04-08? – CSS Transitions
  • 2007-10-31 – CSS Animation (spec proposal)
  • 2007-10-26 – CSS Transforms (spec proposal)
  • 2006-12-21 – Text Fill and Stroke
  • 2004? – HTML Canvas – thankfully this was quickly reviewed and thrown into HTML5 so that Opera and Mozilla could get into the act
  • Others -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing, -webkit-border-vertical-spacing, -webkit-margin-bottom-collapse, -webkit-margin-collapse, -webkit-margin-start, -webkit-margin-top-collapse, -webkit-padding-start, background-position-x, background-position-y, -webkit-tap-highlight-color (iPhone only), -webkit-text-security, -webkit-text-size-adjust (iPhone only), -webkit-line-break, -webkit-nbsp-mode, -webkit-rtl-ordering, -webkit-user-drag, -webkit-user-modify, -webkit-user-select, -webkit-dashboard-region (Dashboard only)

Worth checking out; what’s in WebKit today is very likely on the iPhone tomorrow!

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Under The Bridge Store now open!

So we’ve created an Amazon store to guide the Gentle Reader to how they should go about building their iPhone programming library, as well as — hopefully! — support further building out our own.

It is, naturally, called the Under The Bridge Store. Take a look now!

The layout is, the front page “Coming Soon!” is things that we haven’t examined personally, but we figure probably will turn out worth buying. Whatever earnings this store produces will be applied directly to buying things on that page, and we’ll review them here, and then either move them to the other categories or delete them as we judge appropriate.

The other categories are all books that are, indeed, in our reference library right now, and we believe should be in any iPhone programmer’s library, divided by main focus into “Programming – iPhone”, “Programming – OS X”, and “Programming – General”. We may get around to specifically reviewing those at some point in the future — although hopefully we’ll be focusing on exciting new goodies instead of the old stalwarts — but they all have at least a few Amazon reader reviews so you can go by those in the meantime.

Browse, enjoy, and buy!


Shipped! Mystery App

So, another project launched successfully yesterday; unfortunately, private label for A Very Big Company, so we can’t say what it is exactly — and believe you me we’re not doing anything else on those terms from now on! — but we would like to give a shout out to icon designer par excellence Swami Gattas, who graciously provided us with this Mystery App’s icon, which we have got approval to reproduce here for your tantalizement:

Swami\'s icon

On to the next challenge!


iPhone target markets

If you fancy taking a guess where Apple’s going to introduce the iPhone next, here’s some interesting information from to guide you: the top 20 countries for mobile subscriber revenues. They think that the fact Canada only ranks 14th explains why we haven’t been noticed yet.

Well, could be, but I don’t think so: I’d say that the delay is Only And Solely™ due to the twerps at Comwave who would like to pretend to the CIPO that there’s anyone, anywhere, who thinks of their bottom of the basement VoIP service

when they think “iPhone”. Ho ho! Well, Apple wasn’t having any truck with whatever these idjits demanded for relinquishing their trademark squatting, and that’s why the holdup, I figure. The next interesting development in this saga will be three months and one day from now; on June 26th CIPO will release the examiner’s report on Apple’s application, their online database says.

Cross your fingers for a sane decision!



Here’s what looks like it could be an interesting full-time job for any of you other budding iPhone developers out there who are in/will move to Los Angeles:

Modern Feed & Supply, Inc. is a start-up based in Los Angeles. Our website was launched at the end of March and has since received numerous accolades. The Modern Feed mission is to make it simple to find and view high-quality full-length programming online. Programming spans the gamut between “Lost” and the “Nobel Peace Prize Lectures.” For us, the experience is not limited to just your computer. Our first mobile Modern Feed implementation is on the iPhone but we will expand to many more devices.

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iPhone SDK beta 4!

The fourth release of the iPhone SDK is out now, and here’s what other people have said on the web — since we certainly would not break our NDA, nosirree:

“… an awesome new feature: OpenGL ES support! Now the iPhone simulator can render OpenGL ES that ‘mirror behavior on the iPhone and iPod Touch.’” — gizmodo

“… Audio Toolbox got a big load of new stuff … NSXMLParser support … UIFont is re-done … some very interesting methods added to UIApplication’s delegate, including methods for badging the Springboard icon, and methods related to gaining and resigning ‘active’ status – seems like background apps may be permitted…” — TUAW

“Code signing enforced: iPhone applications will now need to contain a valid certificate (obtained from the restricted, $99, iPhone Developer program) in order to be loaded on actual devices. If a developer does not have a certificate, apps will still run in the simulator but not physical devices.” — iPhoneAtlas

“We are getting closer to world iPhone domination, people.” — CrunchGear

What, you’re not one of the 200,000 developers signed up yet? Get it now!