Shipped! MTP: The Extreme Travel Club

Yippee! Been a while since the Trollwerks foundries stamped out a new piece of work, but we’ve got one for you today: The Official iOS App of, the Most Traveled People extreme travel club!

MTP: The Extreme Travel Club 

On the Road to Everywhere



MTP is the first mobile app for members of Most Traveled People, the world’s largest competitive travel community. MTP ranks the world’s top travelers by gender, age group, and home location.

MTP members on the web have long enjoyed the ability to measure their lifetime travel accomplishments against their peers, and challenge themselves towards new travel accomplishments. The MTP mobile app imbues all of the features of MTP on the web with geo-awareness, enabling a whole new level of immersive interaction…

And it’s all Open Source to boot — check it out on Github if you’d like to check out how we did something, have a bug you’d like to fix, or would like to use the MTP API in your own apps!

So that’s what we’ve been pretty much heads down into in all our spare moments in the months since the last post here, haven’t spared much time to check the news and all; anything of any interest happen in the iOS development world since around April? Been pretty quiet, no doubt?

Oh. Oh, my.

Well, we do have some catching up to do then don’t we? Seems the effort we put here into checking out the odd corners of Storyboard handling we hadn’t had occasion to delve into previously has not aged well. Ah well, it’ll be shipping for iOS 11 for a while yet; time enough to shake the web and see what falls out with whatever this “SwiftUI” thing is everyone seems very excited about for our next project!

Alex | August 13, 2019

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