Tip: Make Multiple Apple ID 2FA Less F’n A

So, you been getting more than one of these emails recently? Or just one, but you keep your developer Apple ID and your personal Apple ID separate?

You are receiving this email because you have the Account Holder role in a developer program, with full access to tools, resources, and benefits included with your membership. In an effort to keep accounts more secure, two-factor authentication will be required to sign in to your Apple Developer account and Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles starting February 27, 2019. This extra layer of security for your Apple ID helps ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account.

Wee-eee-lllll, as so far Apple devices are not multiuser, that’s a bit of a conundrum isn’t it now?

  • We could have a dedicated device with a phone number for each account, which for the prolific contractor is … impractical.
  • We could log in and out of iCloud accounts every time we want to access developer stuff, which is … even more impractical.
  • Oh, dear. Well, while we wait for Apple to provide a practical alternative, here’s some suggestions

How to activate Apple ID 2fa when you have two accounts

  1. Set up a new user account on your Mac
  2. Login into your iCloud account tied to the developer account under the new macOS user.
  3. Activate two-factor authentication and add your preferred phone number as a backup.
  4. Verify you are able to login into your account via another device or via browser at appleid.apple.com.
  5. Logout of iCloud account on the temp macOS user and switch back to your main macOS user.
  6. Delete the temp account and now, you should be able to use the 2fa via the phone validation every time.

This next piece takes it a step further to full 2FA — did you know your devices can, in fact, be logged into multiple iCloud accounts? We never thought to try that:

Apple Two-Factor Authentication for a Secondary Apple ID

As it turns out, you can be logged in to multiple iCloud accounts on the same device or account. Certain services, such as iCloud storage, or the Photo Library, will only work with the primary iCloud account, but other services, including 2FA, will work for all iCloud accounts.

On your iOS device go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account, and choose to add another iCloud account. You probably want to turn off all services, like Mail, Calendar, etc. secondary account.

On the Mac you can do the same in System Preferences > Internet Accounts. You can use both your Mac and iOS devices for 2FA.

Now the secondary Apple ID will prompt the devices you are logged in as for 2FA.

So there you go, Dear Multiple Apple ID Using Readers — good luck in next week’s 2FPocalypse!


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Alex | February 21, 2019

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