2019 iOS Conference Calendar

Some interesting news on the conference front this year: First off, the well-regarded RWDevCon is skipping this year, and not returning in its current form either:

RWDevCon: Taking a Break!

Therefore, RWDevCon (focused on iOS) didn’t reflect the range of technologies we cover at raywenderlich.com. Although the conference was a huge success, we needed to take some time and redesign the conference so that it will serve not just our iOS community, but our whole community…

And in what we’re pretty sure is a first in the iOS world, UIKonf didn’t have a Call For Papers this year you noticed? And why would that be?

UIKonf goes all female for 2019 speakers

UIKonf, one of the largest and best-known independent iOS development conferences, has announced that all speakers in its 2019 edition will be female. This isn’t just random chance: the team have announced it’s their way “of raising awareness for the diversity problem while at the same time a celebration of all the women who follow their passion, muster up the courage to go on stage, and hold great talks despite the headwind they’re facing in our industry.”

So if you’re a female-identifying human, there’s a particular opportunity for you:

if you are a female-identifying human or know great women (cis/trans/non-binary) who should speak at UIKonf, send your proposals and suggestions to Engin ([email protected])

[*] We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. (Inspired by adacamp.org)

Bold indeed! And as for the rest of the year, here’s our current best guesses at where and when conferences are coming up this year, and links to CFPs where those are open and obvious from a quick glance at the site; we’ll update this as we get more news, and we remember to — otherwise, CocoaConferences and its Twitter are a good resource to watch!














Know of any we’ve missed that are even vaguely interesting to an iOS developer? Let us know!

And yes … not next year, but well before the end of this year, we’ll put up the 2020 edition as soon as the very earliest CFP opens!


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