The Reality Side of AR

Got any plans for Friday October 27th? No? Well, that’s a great time for a vacation in Russia, and if you’re around Moscow that day, check out this conference: MBLTdev!

MBLT 2017

That first speech on the programme, that looks like a particularly good one:

Yes, we’re making our outside-North-America speaking debut by leading off the programme here, no less. OK, pressure’s on to make this a particularly good one then!

The basic idea is to take this trenchant observation on the initial release of ARKit

… and well, since he’s quite right, why don’t we just start doing something about that?

It seems that iBeacon technology has kinda languished — at least, if there are any killer apps out there, we’ve managed to miss them — but ARKit seems like just the thing to make a combination which is awesome, doesn’t it?

Well, visit MBLTdev in Moscow October 27th to find out just how good a job we do of pulling that off!

Alex | September 19, 2017

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