WWDC 2017 Roundup

That was a particularly good WWDC this year wasn’t it? Lots of possibly transformational technologies introduced it’s going to be very interesting indeed to see how they play out!

We’ll explore those in more depth later on, but for now let’s sort out some resource links and initial reactions.

First up, you want to go download The Unofficial WWDC app for macOS:


Isn’t that pretty? Definitely your WWDC video viewing app of choice, we say!

Next, address this problem


with the WWDC-Downloader script over at Github.

(And while that’s all downloading for your next transcontinental plane flight or whatever, have your heart warmed with

WWDC17 Scholarship winner Kenny Batista shared his experiences at Apple’s big week for developers !)

If you want to prioritize a bit, here’s a WWDC 2017 Viewing Guide that looks solid.

There’s enough interesting new technologies that they deserve roundup posts each as there’s going to be a lot of figuring out there to keep track of, so for now we’ll just link a couple overviews hitting the highest points:

The 2017 Apple Design Award Winners

WWDC 2017 Initial Impressions from the Wenderlich team

Another take from the Big Nerd Ranch crew at WWDC 2017: Helping You Get Things Done

Also check out their article New HEVC & HEIF Media Formats: What You Need to Know and Begun, The Codec War Has for background on the fur that’s no doubt going to be flying all over about that soon.

Oh, and we’ll put An In Depth Look At the New App Store and New rules following WWDC 2017 here too — there’s some interesting changes there you want to be aware of. Most notably to us, that finally The new iOS App Store lets devs choose whether or not to reset ratings when updating!! Woo-woo-woohoo!

And as always, over at mjtsai.com you can find a near-canonical list of WWDC 2017 Links for deeper diving!


HEIF: A First Nail in JPEG’s Coffin?

Alex | June 15, 2017

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