This looks like an interesting option for designing and implementing simple animations easily:

SVGKit at GitHub

SVGKit is a Cocoa framework for rendering SVG files as Core Animation layers. All shapes are represented by instances of the CAShapeLayer class, and are, by design, animatable. SVGKit is compatible with the latest Mac OS X and iOS SDK’s. To use SVGKit in your iOS application, simply drag the Core and iOS folders into your Xcode project. See SVGPad for a working sample…

That’s pretty cool, yep. And even more interestingly, it does it quite elegantly indeed:

First, initialize an instance of SVGDocument, the model object which encompasses the entire SVG element tree. This can be accomplished using the initWithContentsOfFile: initializer. To load a SVG file which resides in your application bundle, use the documentNamed: class method and pass in a file name (without the extension). The SVGDocument class encapsulates certain document metadata, including width, height, version, title, and description…

That looks like it might be a nice upgrade to Illustrator Level Design, for instance, or to LevelSVG‘s parsing for cocos2d, besides just making it simple to pretty much drop animations straight into your UIKit interface!



Another take on the subject: SVG to CoreGraphics Conversion

SVGKit (iOS) now supports more SVG’s – including most Wikipedia maps

PocketSVG converts into CGPaths, CAShapeLayers, and UIBezierCurves.

Qwarkee: Convert Your SVG Art To Objective-C Code

PaintCode to draw it directly.

Generating all the icons you need quickly from SVG files – SVGtoIcons

Macaw: “Powerful and easy-to-use vector graphics Swift library with SVG support”

Snowflake – A Swift SVG Library Featuring A Clean Syntax And Animatable Layers

Alex | November 15, 2011

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