Core Data Grab Bag

There’s been a couple articles posted lately both promising to be first in a series that talk about simplifying Core Data access, always worth reading for some new ideas:

1) Super Happy Easy Fetching in Core Data

This post is the first in a short series of topics describing how to I’ve made using Core Data a little simpler without giving up the power features you still need. The full project from which this series is derived is available on github…

2) Simplifying Core Data Part I [EDIT: Link died]

About half a year ago I asked the community about an idea to make Core Data more generic. I was looking for validation of my idea, which attempts to generalize the handling of Core Data among different threads. I received a few responses, but didn’t feel anyone fully digested what I was trying to do. Since that post, I’ve reworked my prototype into a framework, tested it, and made it easier to work with. I’m using the framework in two iPhone projects (and soon a third), and it has greatly simplified my life when it comes to Core Data…

“Simplified”, “Core” and “Data” certainly are three words that go well together, particularly in that order, don’t you think?


Core Data and Threads, Without the Headache

Smarter and More Reusable Core Data

Saving JSON to Core DataHandling Incoming JSON Redux

Managing Information with CoreData

How To Use Custom Classes With Core Data Without Fear

Core Data Quick and Easy!

Transient Entities and Core Data

Core Data and the Undo Manager

Autosaving Core Data managed object context

Parent Watching Its Child

Magical Record: how to make programming with Core Data pleasant

Let’s Be Friends. Core Data Relationships

Importing and Displaying Large Data Sets in Core Data

Core Data Queries Using Expressions

Temporary Storage In Apple’s CoreData

Seeding CoreData databases with ruby

Getting Started with Mogenerator

Full Featured Automatic Core Data Class Generator

blindingskies/BSFetchedResultsController for post fetch filtering and sorting

Getting Started With Core Data In iOS 5 Using Xcode Storyboards

Core Data in iCloud + QuickLookiCloudCDTPlugin

Core Data Image Caching

Core Data on iOS 5 Tutorial: How To Preload and Import Existing Data

Creating a CoreData Model in Code

Unit Testing With Core Data

ObjectiveREST: A simple project to provide REST capabilities to CoreData applications

Using the AWS Persistence Framework for Core Data

NSIncrementalStore – The future of web services in iOS / Mac OS

Under the Sheets with iCloud and Core Data: The Basics

Importing Data Made Easy + Handling Incoming JSON Redux

Tool: Slick Core Data Editor With Objective-C Code Generation

Core Data Migration Woes with Binary Data and External Storage == Data Loss

Debugging Core Data Objects

TICoreDataSync – synchronize via Dropbox, iDisk, WebDAV and more

Core Data on iOS 5 Tutorial: How To Work with Relations and Predicates

CoreData + AFNetworking = AFIncrementalStore

Lightweight Objective-C Active Record Implementation For Managing Core Data Objects

How To Store and Display Images in a Core Data iPhone App

Rack::CoreData – Automatically generate REST APIs for Core Data models

Multi-Context CoreData

Core Data Growing Pains – Nested context issues

BWObjectMapping – JSON to NSManagedObject

How To Synchronize Core Data with a Web Service – Part 1 and Part 2

iOS Quick Tip – Viewing Core Data’s Generated SQL

NSFetchRequest+Explain allows debugging NSFetchRequests and NSPredicates in visual way

NSFetchedResultsController -sectionNameKeyPath Discussion

Under the Sheets with iCloud and Core Data: The Basics and Seeding iCloud and How it Works

App Scaffolding Kit That Automatically Allows You To Sync Your Core Data Apps Online

There is a Bug in the NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate Documentation

iOS Library For Automatically Creating CRUD Interfaces (Scaffolding) Using A Core Data Model

Library For Integrating Web Services Turning JSON Data Into Core Data Backed Native Objects

overcommitted/ParcelKit “integrates Core Data with Dropbox using the Dropbox Datastore API.”

Stop Writing Data Parsing Code in Your Apps issue 4: Core Data Overview, Core Data Application, Data Models and Model Objects, Importing Large Data Sets, Fetch Requests, Custom Migrations

Open Source Framework Extending Core Data With Peer-To-Peer Synchronization Options

Introducing Ensembles: Core Data sync the way it should be

Lightweight migration tip from Stack Overflow

cynicalcocoa/cycoredata: “A coredata wrapper with simple rules that make multithreaded reading and writing much more pleasurable.”

Core Data Concurrency Debugging

Core Data Editor Is Now Open Source

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