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SpinImage DV QTVR

So, that Mac App Store thing you’ve probably noted some fuss about the last couple days? Here’s a nifty tip from Daniel Jalkut for some fun with that:

I can’t help myself.

  1. Quit App Store.app
  2. Open Terminal
  3. defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true
  4. Relaunch App Store

Enjoy it while you can. I’m sure it will be gone in the next update, especially if anybody at Apple sees this post.

Heh. Yes, no doubt it will be, but there’s some fun stuff to play with in the meantime there!

Aaaaaand while you’re checking out the Mac App Store, one of our little troll productions made it in for opening day: a version of the SpinImage DV 3D imaging product,


which takes video of something rotating and outputs a user-rotatable embeddable QTVR/JavaScript/Flash component.

The strategy that the SpinImage folks decided to approach the App Store with was somewhat interesting: list on the store a QTVR-only version for $19, treating that as a low-cost introduction to the product, which people can then trade in for the rather more highly priced JavaScript/Flash exporting versions direct from the SpinImage website. An interesting approach to work around the no demo restrictions, certainly. Our biggest fear was actually that since QTVR manipulations are not available in QuickTime X and therefore cannot be built into a 64-bit executable, it might fall under “deprecated technologies” these days; but nope, sailed right through review with no quibbles.

Going by the first three days, the strategy seems to be getting off to a decent start — but we need to wait and see whether these App Store version purchases translate into upgrades to non-AppStore premium versions before making any grand pronouncements on its effectiveness. However, even from results to date we can make a tentative presumption that having a feature-limited version for sale on the App Store is significantly better marketing than having a full version time-limited demo available advertised via Google AdWords is, judging by what we’ve been told of how that was going in the pre-App Store days.

Vonage Pro Companion

Always nice to see a project we worked on finally emerge blinking and shuffling into the light of day, and today we’d like to draw your attention to Vonage Companion™ for the Mac!


This is the latest in a long series — waaay back in the day when CounterPath was still known as Xten Networks, we came on board as employee #3 to do the port of the original X-Lite SIP phone to the Mac to fulfill their new contract with, wait for it, Vonage. And several product cycles later, after Vonage having a brief flirtation with an other, lesser, SIP softphone provider, there we were sorting out a Vonage client for them again. Nothing new under the sun, and all that.

Any-ways, we certainly encourage you to check it out if you’re a Vonage using person!

Jobs: MacProVideo.com!

Here’s another heads up for all of you whom might be looking for a job in Vancouver, The Best Place In The World To Live™ — five years running now! — the good folks at macProVideo.com apparently are on a roll, and are looking for inhouse programmers for both Mac and Windows that have experience creating multimedia applications.

If you’re still old school enough to not be solely devoted to the iPhone yet, we definitely recommend you consider them seriously; hey, we would if we still did desktop stuff — the publisher there is the fellow who had the stunningly great idea to write the book on LiveStage back in the day, which struck us as pretty seriously cool, as there’d never been a book written about a program we’d designed ever before. A rather flattering development, that!