Augmented Reality: The Future

Augmented reality is a new technology that can be used to create interactive experiences. It has been around for a few years, but it is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves in the world of technology. In this article, we will discuss what augmented reality is and how you can use it to … Read more

UK Sports Betting: Legal or Not

Do you want to be able to place a bet on the outcome of upcoming sporting events in the UK? That sounds like a good idea. But do you know if it is legal or not? It may surprise you, but sports betting is still illegal in the United Kingdom (despite what some people may … Read more

The Future of UX/UI Design

A website is not just something that looks good, it has to be intuitive and functional. If a site or app does not serve its users well they will most likely never return which means the future of digital design relies on UX/UI Design: focusing on creating an attractive experience with research into how people … Read more

HTML5 vs JavaScript: What’s the Difference?

HTML5 and JavaScript are two programming languages that may seem like they do the same thing, but there are actually many distinctions between them. In this blog post we’ll take a look at what those differences are and how you can use them to your advantage in your next project. First of all, it’s important … Read more

How to report bugs you find in iOS and iPadOS 14

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are in the public beta stage now. If you’ve already updated to one of these betas, there is a chance for your feedback on them before they go live this fall! What bugs have been found? Report them through Apple’s Bug Reporter website so that it can be fixed when … Read more

Programming Languages for Developing Ios Apps

The iPhone and other mobile devices have become a staple in today’s society. It is safe to say that we are living in the “mobile generation.” With this, there has been an increase of Ios apps being developed. As more people purchase these phones and use them for various reasons, developers need to create new … Read more

What Is Equity in Forex Trading?

Equity in Forex is a simple and crucial concept; experienced traders, beginners alike must establish basic education before they can thrive at the trade. There are many concepts that need understanding like when trades open up for business each day as well as if there’s no active positions currently being held within any markets. White-knuckled … Read more