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WWDC Reflections

So, after going through WWDC this year, it’s quite clear that my wild speculations that “Snow Leopard” might actually refer to the return of Yellow Box for Windows were completely wrong. Moreover, it’s pretty much certain that there will never ever be a Yellow Box in its historical form as a Windows-hosted runtime, for a variety of reasons.

However, we weren’t completely nonsensical in our thinking; it looks like we did, in our fumbling way, correctly identify Apple’s interests and goals — we just weren’t thinking outside the box enough in figuring that the resurrection of Yellow Box was the way Apple would choose to achieve them.

Unfortunately, the direct evidence that we have to support this new thinking is all under NDA, although most of it can be pieced together from publicly available tidbits; however, the basic reasoning can all be found in the latest piece up at the always-invaluable RoughlyDrafted Magazine. Money quotes:

Instead, Apple is refining Cocoa for deployment within the web browser to enable developers to build those so called “Rich Internet Applications” that Adobe wants users to build in Flash/Flex/AIR, Microsoft in Silverlight, Sun in Java, and so on…

If you were waiting for the resurrection of Yellow Box or Cocoa for Windows, stop waiting and start coding. SproutCore brings the values of Leopard’s Cocoa to the web, domesticating JavaScript into a functional application platform with lots of free built-in support for desktop features…

Yep … I think Messr. Dilger is pretty much spot on with his various prognostications and recommendations in this article, and when I casually dismissed the idea that MobileMe was the Big Unexpected Thing™ I’d heard hints would be announced, I was completely overlooking the possibility (and most people still are!) that it wasn’t just a rebranding of the .mac web services, it actually does presage a fundamental shift in the capabilities of cloud computing paired with a blurring of the line between native and web applications.

The next couple of years are going to be very interesting indeed!

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Code Snippets:

Over on cocoa-dev, the single most useful resource for Cocoa development we’re aware of, there’s been some muttering lately about how it would be nifty to have a central directory for open source Cocoa components, rather than scurrying around to all the various open source project sites, people’s individual home pages, yadayadayada. Which is a good idea. Turns out, there’s already one started at

and they have the particular criterion that “You must agree that your submissions may be used in commercial applications.” Rather a useful resource for the professional programmer then. Use it, and tell all your programming friends to use it too!

h/t: cocoa-dev!

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Job: Avatron Software

Here’s a job you fellow budding iPhone programmers in, near, or willing to move to that other Vancouver may want to gander at — Apple alumnus Dave Howell’s new venture Avatron Software is looking for Cocoa engineers with iPhone enthusiasm:

Avatron Software is a new startup venture in Vancouver, Washington, dedicated to producing innovative software for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform. 

We are now seeking senior software engineers with deep Cocoa experience and a passion for producing great products. 

Strong candidates will: 
– Have contributed significantly to at least one well-known Cocoa app; 
– Have a history of technical leadership roles in commercial software development; 
– Be creative and well-rounded; and 
– Have at least begun to explore the iPhone SDK.

If you’re on LinkedIn (and if you’re not, you should be!) the posting is here. Otherwise, I imagine the link on the site will work too. Good luck!

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Under The Bridge Store now open!

So we’ve created an Amazon store to guide the Gentle Reader to how they should go about building their iPhone programming library, as well as — hopefully! — support further building out our own.

It is, naturally, called the Under The Bridge Store. Take a look now!

The layout is, the front page “Coming Soon!” is things that we haven’t examined personally, but we figure probably will turn out worth buying. Whatever earnings this store produces will be applied directly to buying things on that page, and we’ll review them here, and then either move them to the other categories or delete them as we judge appropriate.

The other categories are all books that are, indeed, in our reference library right now, and we believe should be in any iPhone programmer’s library, divided by main focus into “Programming – iPhone”, “Programming – OS X”, and “Programming – General”. We may get around to specifically reviewing those at some point in the future — although hopefully we’ll be focusing on exciting new goodies instead of the old stalwarts — but they all have at least a few Amazon reader reviews so you can go by those in the meantime.

Browse, enjoy, and buy!

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Here’s what looks like it could be an interesting full-time job for any of you other budding iPhone developers out there who are in/will move to Los Angeles:

Modern Feed & Supply, Inc. is a start-up based in Los Angeles. Our website was launched at the end of March and has since received numerous accolades. The Modern Feed mission is to make it simple to find and view high-quality full-length programming online. Programming spans the gamut between “Lost” and the “Nobel Peace Prize Lectures.” For us, the experience is not limited to just your computer. Our first mobile Modern Feed implementation is on the iPhone but we will expand to many more devices.


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