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Selected Art of GARVGRAPHX

Now here’s something you probably weren’t expecting from the prim and proper troll world; a PG-13 iPhone app. Oooh, racy!

Please do not buy and download this application if you are offended by beautiful women in sexy outfits.

Indeed. Now that we have your complete and undivided attention no doubt, the application is Selected Art of GARVGRAPHX, the distinctive art of Keith Garvey. And really, how stylish can your iPhone be if you don’t have wallpaper like this?


Definitely eye-catching, indeed. You know you want it!

Poses Volume 3



Ah, here’s another fine job well done: “POssO” the one and only OpenSSO administration application for the iPhone is now live!


POssO adds the much desired remote management feature to your corporate identity management infrastructure, enabling you to achieve better efficiency and accessibility in your organization.

With features like:

1. Create Identities

2. Manage Identities

3. Search Identities

4. Password Management

5. Role Management

6. Policy Management

7. Session Management

8. Cisco VPN Client Support

You can manage your corporate profile remotely adding flexibility to your schedule. It will revolutionalize the way you manage your corporate identity management infrastructure.

Rather narrowly targeted, yes, but hey if you have a use for it … grab it now!

Get POssO

And we’re particularly tickled to note that after more than a dozen applications, the TrollSheep has finally made it into the UI for one of them … check the credits!


Poses Volume 3

Woah. Apparently Apple felt bad about holding up Volume 1 or something, because Volume 3 got approved all but immediately. Cool!


So now we’ve got the project to transfer the Guide To Posing The Female Model to the iPhone all complete. w00t! It’s gone pretty pleasingly well — not a single negative comment anywhere at all about the application design or code quality. Matter of fact, there haven’t been any negative comments that aren’t either a) whining about price or b) palpably idiotic, like “Poses for porn.” (Mind you, after that last one, sales in that country’s store actually went up, so apparently the right kind of 1-star review is not a problem!) Any-ways, the point is, our work seems to be universally agreed to be topnotch, and hey, that’s the important bit. As always, you know you want to check it out for yourself, and here’s your link for that!

Poses Volume 3


Poses Volume 2

Excellent, excellent. Apparently whatever it was that held up Poses Volume 1 for almost two months, Apple’s over it now; in a matter of just a few days from submission, we present for your further photographing pleasure, Poses Volume 2: The Second Female Collection!


Pretty much the same code as Volume 1 with new pictures … but there didn’t really seem to be much need to change anything, with reviews like

‘Great app for a photographer like me!’ — Michaelfoy

‘Well worth $9.99 … Thanks for a great app.’ — lerxst 1

‘Great tool for a Photographer.’ — shutterheadnut

‘A great resource for both photographers and artists alike.’ — cedsaid

‘This is a very well thought out and produced app … Well done!’ — Blackswanbazaar

*pat pat* Yes, yes, nice work there, indeed. And we’re sure that this one will do even better. So click the badge and join the fun!

Poses Volume 2


Vonage Pro Companion

Always nice to see a project we worked on finally emerge blinking and shuffling into the light of day, and today we’d like to draw your attention to Vonage Companion™ for the Mac!


This is the latest in a long series — waaay back in the day when CounterPath was still known as Xten Networks, we came on board as employee #3 to do the port of the original X-Lite SIP phone to the Mac to fulfill their new contract with, wait for it, Vonage. And several product cycles later, after Vonage having a brief flirtation with an other, lesser, SIP softphone provider, there we were sorting out a Vonage client for them again. Nothing new under the sun, and all that.

Any-ways, we certainly encourage you to check it out if you’re a Vonage using person!


Poses Volume 1

Ah, here we go; our first written copublished application has finally gone live. “Finally,” you ask? Yes, finally. This application was in review since January 18th. Why? Apple only knows … and they’re not telling. There really needs to be some greater degree of transparency there, doesn’t there now? But hey, here it is for you now — Poses Volume 1: The First Female Collection!


This is a collaboration with to bring their printed book Guide To Posing the Female Model — a smash hit as that kind of thing goes, we understand — to the iPhone, in response to massive public outcry. And this is the first fruit of that collaboration, the first installment of three planned to cover the entire book. The particularly nifty bit — and probably what caused the holdup, since although it uses only published APIs it does mess around with the internals of the camera picker just a little it, which isn’t forbidden but isn’t explicitly documented either — is a feature we call “Fit Pose”, to take a given image and move/rotate/scale it translucently over the camera picker, for when you want to make sure that your model fits the pose exactly.


Pretty cool, huh? Well, enough chat, here’s the link – go buy it NOW! Or, if you have a place to publish a review for us somewhere, email us and ask for a promo code, and chances are pretty darn good we’ll give you one!

Poses Volume 1


Make Me Laugh!

Yes, we are a full service shop here at Trollwerks; not only do we write your application for you, we’ll shepherd it right through the publishing process for you as well. And tonight the first application we’ve done that for is up!

Well, actually, it’s not the first one we’ve done that for — but it’s the first to actually get approved. We’ll have some choice observations on that. But anyways. This is published on behalf of, who had the excellent judgement to have Trollwerks take care of their debut iPhone application, Make Me Laugh! And it … well, eponymously enough, it makes the iPhone laugh. Wildy and crazily.


You may have noted if you follow the App Store rankings that the, ah, anthropomorphic audio reproduction shall we say? class of application has had quite spectacular sales success. So hey, there is absolutely no doubt we’ll see Make Me Laugh! enjoy the same. Go ahead, click the button and buy it. You know you want to!

Make Me Laugh!


The first 5 months

In case you missed it at the beginning of the month (yeah, yeah, we’re catching up quick as we can) there’s a fascinating update over at O’Reilly Radar on the first five months of the App Store. Definitely worth just clicking over there and reading the whole thing yourself, but here’s a couple quick highlights as of the end of November:

- About 9,800 unique applications, 22% of which are free;

- Sale prices of Top 100 apps continue to decline, currently average $2.60 and median $1.25 or so;

- Games and Entertainment continue to dominate the listings

Some excellent graphs on percentage by price point, free/paid share by category, etc. to be seen there as well, so we’ll just repeat our advice to go read the whole thing.

And hey, here’s your brain teaser for the day, since we’ve got all these cool trip pictures to share: Where was this shot taken last week? Hint: It was used as the Massassi Outpost on the fourth moon of Yavin in a little movie you might have heard of, name of Star Wars.


Gimme hint: It’s in Guatemala. You can figure it out from there, I’m sure.


Here’s a new site for you to bookmark to keep up with news of the iPhone programming world:

What is is a community based news site edited by our members. It specialises in iPhone SDK development techniques, technologies and tools including Xcode, iPhone Simulator, Instruments, Interface Builder, SQLite, OpenGL ES, Cocoa.

Individual users of the site submit and review stories, the most popular of which make it to the homepage. Users are encouraged to ‘kick’ stories that they would like to appear on the homepage. If a story receives enough kicks, it will be promoted.

So basically, we’re talking a digg clone focused on the iPhone SDK. Well hey, we can never have too many of those, can we?

And yes, it’s been quite a while since the last post, we know. We were off adding the Caymans, Honduras, Belize and Gautemala to our places visited list. Hey, we’ve got less than 600 places left to go now!

Welcome Alex Curylo!  Your MTP ranking is #450.  You have visited 158 places and have 599 remaining.

The Troll’s top trip travel tip: If you’re in the area, do not miss Stingray City off Grand Cayman. Seriously.

No, that is not an aquarium. That is the open sea. And no, they will not give you the Steve Irwin treatment unless you do something really stupid. Barring that, they’re completely blasé about being swam with, petted, and so forth. The worst they’ll do is butt you if they think you’re not being generous enough with the treats … they have a taste for calamari sashimi. Enough of a taste to put up with the tourist crowd!


Is it chilly in here?

My, it’s nippy out today. Brrrrrrr. That’s strange … ah, that’s what happened, Apple finally promised to drop the Fantastic NDA!

We have decided to drop the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for released iPhone software.

We put the NDA in place because the iPhone OS includes many Apple inventions and innovations that we would like to protect…

However, the NDA has created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success, so we are dropping it for released software. Developers will receive a new agreement without an NDA covering released software within a week or so…

Well, that’s certainly good news! From no longer having to worry about how to use Open Source software in development when the opened source would conflict with the NDA through being actually able to write something on this allegedly iPhone development focused blog without risking our livelihood by way of actually being able to form a public community of developers and authors around iPhone development without casually disregarding our signed word, this is certainly a bright day all around.

Not that we can blame the Fine NDA’s chilling effect for the loooooong gap in posts that some of you who actually follow this instead of just showing up here from Google have probably noticed. No, we decided September was time for a nice break, so we headed up even further north to visit some serious middle of nowhere, like this Alaskan place that calls itself The Salmon Capital Of The World,

even though of course we all know that’s actually Campbell River on Vancouver Island not some USian tourist trap. But hey, now that we’ve been to both Salmon Capitals Of The World we’re set for sure.

As well, we hit The Land Of The Midnight Sun,

although we didn’t get quite far enough north for that, bah, it was still dark at midnight for us. However, a visit’s a visit, and that gives us a nudge up at

Welcome Alex Curylo!  Your MTP ranking is #405.  You have visited 149 places and have 549 remaining.

Oh yeah! At our rate so far this year we’ll be done … in February of 2283 A.D. OK, guess we have to work a little faster then…