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Poses Professional

So yep, here we are again with another shipment from the laboring minions of the Trollwerks empire to all of you out there: and no doubt to your complete lack of surprise, after a one-product break we’re back to displays of conspicuously concupiscent femininity. Introducing Poses Professional,


and its companion free version Poses Sampler!


Yep, that IAP-enabled upgrade of the Poses series that we’ve been mumbling about getting around to any day now for around six months, yes we finally got everything sorted out and guided through approval, which was a bit of a trick with three current app updates, two new apps, and six IAP items between them.

The reason all this needed to be synchronized is that the original three volumes of 368 poses each we’re now making available as IAP items — but you can’t share purchases between apps directly, plus we wanted purchasers of the originals to transfer over their content without paying again. So how we ended up handling that is sharing a keychain between all five apps, and purchasing a volume in either new app or running the original volume apps marks a flag in the keychain for the new apps to download the appropriate content from our servers. And no angry emails or crash reports showing up in the first three days, so apparently it’s all working out well, to our mild surprise. Er, we mean, as we confidently expected.

Any-ways, this is a moderately interesting controlled experiment in pricing, going from high (by App Store standards) priced content to a lower priced paid entry plus a freemium model, and we’re going to be fascinated indeed to see how that works out. So all you photographers out there, you know what to do!

Poses Professional


Touch To Give

Yes, here we are again: another exquisite troll production up on the App Store today — and, for a change, there is not one single scantily clad female in it! A shock, we know. And although the gestation was rather prolonged, not an instant of that was due to any deficiency on our part, so we’ll count this as another successful troll project. W00t!

So said project was for the GreaterGood Network, a collection of charities like, well, these,


that you go and tap on every day, and then advertisers donate to the various worthy causes. So hey, everybody should go download it right now, because this is something that we’ve put together just so you, yes you, that’s YOU, can make the world a better place. You’re welcome.



Maid Clock

Ah yes, we’d forgotten to mention this; there’s another troll program up on the App Store these days! Well, “another” may be stretching it a bit, as it’s a new release of the previously mentioned Anime Clock with new graphics. And these new graphics, of course, are definitely going to break with the increasingly established tradition of troll-written programs featuring scantily clad attractive women, aren’t they? Weeellll, it turns out this version is called Maid Clock, so …


… not so much, no. Yep, even without our active involvement in any way whatsoever, they just keep on coming. But hey, we’re always delighted to do our part to celebrate Japanese culture. Indeed, we do thoroughly recommend that should you ever visit Japan, you do make a point of checking out a maid café or dozen; it is an extremely unusual scene to those of us hailing from a culture which is … well, any that’s not Japanese, really. When we were over there a few weeks back visiting the great people at Wayz that we’ve done a selection of applications for, it was made certain of that we didn’t miss out:


Yes, yes, the life of an iPhone programmer is a difficult and straining one, indeed. Thank you for all your sympathies. But hey, while you’re gearing up to visit Japan … you can always get the clock!



Fashion Network Original

Aaaaaaand another fine troll project just pranced its way onto the App Store today, this one a simple little online video player for the Fashion Network; and why yes, yes indeed — we don’t even have to tell you this any more, do we? — the screenshots feature, surprise! scantily clad attractive women.


Yes, we know our protestations that this is not at all intentional in the slightest are getting increasingly unbelievable with each new attractive female featuring release, but it’s completely 100% true, we just happened to get an email about dashing off a few hours’ worth of video player project at just the exact time we had a few hours to spare, and in short order, here we are. It just happens to work out this way. Weird, huh?

(Unfortunately, this one does not qualify as a successful troll project — one rejection cycle this time, as playing these MP4 fashion videos over cellular broke Apple’s data use policies, whoops. So take notes, Application Rejection Reason #Umpety-Nineteen: do not attempt to play high quality MP4s over the cell network. YouTube, however, that’s cool.)

Any-ways, it’s just a simple list of videos you can play; but hey, it’s free, so if keeping in touch with the latest fashion productions is your kind of thing … here you go!

Fashion Network


Out walkies

Why yes, there has been a dearth of posts recently, you may have noticed. And there will be for a couple weeks yet; not because of particularly insanely overcommitted deadlines which is the usual reason you see gaps here, but because we’ve gone out walkies over the Christmas season which we figured was about as downtime as things would get around here in the foreseeable future.

So let’s play “Where’s the Troll?” shall we? Here’s a snap from a couple days back at a vista which is regarded as veritably iconic for the region, so if you’re impeccably well cultured you should be able to identify this right off. Hint: the iconic view of this particular place is generally a shot taken at high tide, so it looks like it’s floating. But at high tide you can’t get a shot of you standing in front of it. Well, we suppose you could swim out, but that would be a pretty funny-looking picture.


So, our no-doubt Well Traveled Readers, where in the world is the Troll, do you think?


Sarah Melody

Well, it’s been a while since we had news of a successful troll — rejection-free first try acceptance, w00t! — release in the App Store; so why yes, today we have one for you, the first fruits of our association with local whiz kids Appnovation Technologies. Great folks all around over there so be sure to check them out for your Drupal and Alfresco projects. Or iPhone, of course. Like today’s App Store debut, a promo piece for budding Ontarian chanteuse Sarah Melody. Sort of our apology to all you non-Canadians for that whole Celine Dion thing.


Yes, yes, it’s yet another Trollwerks product featuring cute girl pictures. You’re just sorta taking that for granted by now, aren’t you? It’s all pure coincidence, we swear. Any-ways, there’s music snippets with iTunes links, YouTube streaming video, and various social media integration, all wrapped together with full motion video sequences, working nice and smooth even on a 1G iPod touch. So if you’re at all into the bubbly pop/rock thing, or you just want to gaze in awe at our spectacular production work, grab it — hey, it’s free! — and pick up a song or seven to help demonstrate just what a great marketing tool free iPhone apps are, hmmm?



Play MPE Player

Ah yes, another excellent Trollwerks project has hit the App Store: Destiny Media Technologies‘ Play MPE® Player, the iPhone version of the desktop client for the Play MPE secure music distribution system!


And we’ve been waiting to tell you that news for a looooong time now. “How loooong a time”, you ask? Why, let us tell you how long! The binary that hit the App Store this afternoon was submitted on May 9th. How long is that? That’s 130 days. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DAYS. 18 weeks. 3120 hours. 187,200 minutes. 11,232,000 seconds. And not a single word of feedback anywhere in that ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DAYS except from the trained parrot that Apple has warbling “Your application is requiring unexpected time for review! Your application is requiring unexpected time for review! Awrk! Squawk!” in response to every attempt at opening some kind of communication channel.

Not that we’re bitter or anything, mind you. All’s well that ends well … eventually. But it certainly would be nice to have just a smidgen more transparency to this process wouldn’t it? But hey, it could be worse, they could have actually found something wrong in my code!

Any-ways, if you’re not aware of the Play MPE system already, chances are this isn’t for you; but if you are in it, you want to go get this RIGHT NOW to get at all your prerelease music on your iPhone!




Oh, look here; another fine, fine Trollwerks project snuck onto the App Store when we weren’t looking: iSigns! And what is that, you ask?

iSigns is all-in-one type of application for sports and fun activities. With this easy-to-use and simple interface application you are fully equipped for any indoor and outdoor activity.

Yes, indeed. You may recall our post about custom fonts? Yes, that was when we were putting together the scoreboard view. Harder than you’d think it should be, that, but it worked out nicely:


Just what you need for your iPhone, yes? Or the flashcards, or the numeric ratings … and if so, you know what to do!



Anime Clock

W00t! Another Trollwerks project finally wound its way through the approval labyrinth to live on the App Store for your buying pleasure — Anime Clock!


Why yes, as a matter of fact this is indeed another project for the same people as Selected Art of GARVGAPHX. How did you ever guess? But hey, if you want a desktop calendar on your iPhone, you definitely want one with cute anime girls!


Ah, yes. Between the Japanese art contingent and the Poses series, we do seem to be developing a theme to the Trollwerks oeuvre, don’t we? Funny how these things work out. Especially with these — at least with the Poses series we saw the source print book in advance; with these we did the applications with no idea whatsoever what art would end up in the release version. Funny how these things work out. Oddly enough, actually pretty consistent with the NON-programming troll world as well, but that’s another set of stories altogether…


Trumpet Studio

Hmmm, looks like we never got around to announcing the release of this Trollwerks production when it happened, but better late than never; the good folks at Windy Town followed up their first iPhone app with us by commissioning a much more ambitious project: Trumpet Studio!


Trumpet Studio has a little in it for every level of trumpet player. First and foremost, it is an interactive, animated fingering chart with sound. Simply press the arrow up or down to see the fingering. When you want to hear the pitch, touch the speaker! Simple. Every article is written in clear, concise, and easy to understand language.

You will find articles on:

- High Note Playing

- Air Exercises and Aids

- Method Book List (easy, medium, difficult)

- Mouthpiece Advice

- Lip Buzzing Exercises

- Practice Routines

and finally,

You will find digital documents including:

- Blues Charts

- High Note/High Range with Exercises

- Scales – Major, Minor, Melodic, Harmonic

- Technical Study Exercises

- Trumpet Staff with Piano Part

- Brass Quintet/Quartet Staff

- WFMT Brass Quintet

Everything you could possibly want in a trumpet teaching application, isn’t it now? Why, we’re just learning all sorts of nifty new things every day in this iPhone contract programming business!

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