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Happy iOS 9 Day! Check out all the good stuff announced over at RayWenderlich.com:

This year marks our 5th annual iOS release celebration: the iOS 9 Feast. The iOS 9 Feast consists of 9 courses:

  • Appetizers: Beginning UIStackView & tvOS Tutorials
  • First Course: iOS Apprentice Fourth Edition
  • Second course: iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition
  • Third course: Core Data by Tutorials Second Edition
  • Fourth course: iOS 9 by Tutorials
  • Fifth course: watchOS 2 by Tutorials
  • Sixth course: Swift Apprentice
  • Seventh course: 2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials
  • Eighth course: iOS 9 Tutorial Month
  • Dessert: iOS 9 Feast Giveaway

During the iOS 9 Feast, we’ll help you get fully up-to-speed with iOS 9, Swift 2, tvOS, and watchOS 2 development, no matter how you prefer to learn. You’ll learn about UIStackView, iOS 9 Search APIs, Swift 2 error handling, GameplayKit, and much more.

Plus, we have over $18,000 in giveaways for lucky readers – our biggest giveaway yet!

Other tutorial sites worth a look are Hacking With Swift’s iOS 9 collection and the iOS 9 Day-by-Day series:

And here’s various subtleties worth knowing about:

Shipping an App With App Transport Security

There’s already been lots of great discussion about how ATS works – see, for example, Neglected Potential’s Working with Apple’s App Transport Security. Apple has also provided a descriptive tech note on the feature, clearly documenting the expectations of ATS and the exceptions that remain available to developers. And the community has noted in several articles that turning ATS off entirely is generally a Bad Idea.

This article is aimed at a different purpose: to look at the different speed bumps that can show up while building an app alongside ATS, and to explain how to get around them…

Also see Michael Tsai’s roundups App Transport Security and Shipping an App With App Transport Security.

How iOS 9’s Safari View Controller could completely change your app’s onboarding experience

With Safari View Controller, we now will have a way to “talk” to our webpage and learn a little bit about who the user is, and what they were doing, so we can do all of the following:

  • If the user already is logged into the website, you can seamlessly sign them in…
  • If they are not logged in, tailor the onboarding experience for that specific user…
  • Or, if you want to get fancy, you can even change the “intro” UI to be based on which kind of marketing the user came in from…

iOS: You’re Doing Settings Wrong

One of the apparently less known features for iOS 8 and above is the ability to deep link the user into Settings, where they can enable their Location, Notifications, Contacts, Camera, Calendar, HealthKit, etc for your app as needed…

…this gets even better in iOS 9! The Settings screen will have a back button to take the user directly back into your app! Seriously, there is absolutely no excuse to NOT use this.

Get Your App Ready for iOS 9

… iOS will now send out a notification, NSProcessInfoPowerStateDidChangeNotification, when the system enters or leaves low power mode. You can also query the current power state at any time by checking [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] isLowPowerModeEnabled].

If you have any points in your app where you might be able to save some power it’s now a good idea to check the power state and respect the user’s request to help save their battery.

Querying URL Schemes With canOpenURL

… If you build and link against the iOS 9 SDK you need to whitelist the schemes your app will query. What is important to understand is that this policy can also impact older Apps that have not yet been rebuilt with the iOS 9 SDK…

And top off your iOS 9 saviness by checking out this list of clever people and their clever tips!

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