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Linux Swift Too!

TL;DR: You can download The Swift Programming Language (Swift 2 Prerelease) now, or read online here — go straight to the diffs if you wish — and oodles of good stuff in the Xcode 7 beta notes too!

So you all happy now, we trust? The open sourcing we’d figured had to be coming, but contributing a Linux port of Swift 2.0? That was a bit more so.

Here is what we can tell you so far:

  • Swift source code will be released under an OSI-approved permissive license.
  • Contributions from the community will be accepted — and encouraged.
  • At launch we intend to contribute ports for OS X, iOS, and Linux.
  • Source code will include the Swift compiler and standard library.
  • We think it would be amazing for Swift to be on all your favorite platforms.

We are excited about the opportunities an open source Swift creates for our industry. Baked-in safety features combined with excellent speed mean it has the chance to dramatically improve software versus using C-based languages. Swift is packed with modern features, it’s fun to write, and we believe it will get used in a lot of places. Together, we have an exciting road ahead…

Swift On The Server being the next destination there, we’d say that Linux-port bit is a pretty darn clear declaration of.

And of course, here we go with MOAR REWRITES:

An advanced error handling model provides clear, expressive syntax for catching and throwing errors. It’s also easy to create your own custom error types so you can describe error cases with clear, meaningful names…

New syntax features let you write more expressive code while improving consistency across the language…

  • Powerful control flow with do, guard, defer, and repeat
  • Keyword naming rules unified for functions and methods
  • Protocol extensions and default implementations
  • Extended pattern matching to work in if clauses and for loops

Release notes for the new OSes are interesting too:

And here’s your list of WWDC Session sample code of assorted niftiness.

More collected links and details by Erica Sadun at What you need to know, and no doubt there’ll be plenty of in depth analysis to collect … swiftly!


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