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Xcode 6: Usable Testing

If you’d overlooked the improvements to testing in Xcode 6, understandably enough what with the new language and all, they’re definitely worth taking a look at:

XCTest​Case / XCTest​Expectation / measure​Block()

New in Xcode 6 is the ability to benchmark the performance of code

Perhaps the most exciting feature added in Xcode 6 is built-in support for asynchronous testing…

Xcode 6 seems to have fulfilled all of the needs of a modern test-driven developer. Well, perhaps save for one: mocking … However, this may not actually be necessary in Swift, due to its less-constrained syntax.

In Swift, classes can be declared within the definition of a function, allowing for mock objects to be extremely self-contained. Just declare a mock inner-class, override and necessary methods:

With Xcode 6, we’ve finally arrived: the built-in testing tools are now good enough to use on their own.

Which means we can hopefully look forward to Xcode 6 hosted CI services that can run a decent test suite easily. No more messing with Jenkins or whatever, w00t! Here’s a list of the various CI services we’ve noted here and there compatible with iOS/OS X projects so far:

Travis CI is free for open source, paid for private

Hosted CI is an iOS and OS X focused service, with free open source and cheap indie plans

Ship.io used to be called cisimple, and whilst being rebranded it’s totally free

Greenhouse CI is fresh out of beta: they support Android as well, and have a free 2-app plan

Cloudbees has virtualized OS X environments for continuous integration with Jenkins.

Continuous Integration With Xcode Server

(And also check out previous discussions of testing.)


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