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So yeah, that yesterday. That was a thing, wasn’t it? Most of the plethora of announcements we found more along the lines of good show and thank you yes that’ll certainly help shut up the fandroids, but kinda obvious that was a good idea and not any too soon either; but on the scale of 1 to Did Not See That Coming, at “Asteroid Impact” level with this one, pretty much:

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Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Writing code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. Swift is ready for your next iOS and OS X project — or for addition into your current app — because Swift code works side-by-side with Objective-C.

Woah. Right then, time to get started earning your Swift merit badge, folks.

We’ll be adding good links as we find them, but just to get you started:

Welcome to the brave new Swift world! Especially to those Kotlin fans in the audience, as apparently the Swift designers were [EDIT: Nope, just common inspirations, so it appears…]


10 Early Thoughts on the Swift Programming Language

Swift Language Highlights: An Objective-C Developer’s Perspective

Michael Tsai’s Swift Links

Learning Swift: Ordered Dictionaries

Say Hello to Cocos2D-Swift!

Swift Initializers

GoshDarnClosureSyntax and GoshDarnSwiftBlockSyntax and GoshDarnSwiftSyntax channel a popular Objective-C reference

Subclass UIApplication with Swift

Terrible Swift Ideas!

@mhm500’s Swift Cheat Sheet gitbook

Mike Ash’s Friday Q&A 2014-06-20: Interesting Swift Features and Friday Q&A 2014-07-18: Exploring Swift Memory Layout and Friday Q&A 2014-08-01: Exploring Swift Memory Layout, Part II

jas/swift-playground-builder: “Create your own interactive Swift playgrounds with embedded documentation compiled from Markdown.”; iOS 8: Interactive Playgrounds; iOS 8 Demo: Interactive Playgrounds and Functional Programming

Playground has never been so fun — bundle playground and library in workspace; XCode 6: How To Add Image Assets To Your Playground

We ❤ Swift on How to make awesome UI components in iOS 8 using Swift and XCode 6

Inside Swift

Advanced Swift – Part 1 and Part 2

Ray Wenderlich’s Swift Tutorial: A Quick Start and Part 2: A Simple iOS App and Part 3: Tuples, Protocols, Delegates, and Table Views

Understanding Optionals in Swift; A Beginner’s Guide to Optionals in Swift; A Morning with Swift Optionals; Swift Optionals; Unwrapping Multiple Optionals; Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals In Depth; Understanding Optional Chaining; Optionals Case Study: valuesForKeys; Swift Optionals: When to use if let, when ? and !, when as? and as; The Point Of Optionals?; Swift: Using Map to Deal with Optionals; Tearing Down Swift’s Optional Pyramids of Doom; The Complete Guide to Understanding Swift Optionals; How I Handle Optionals In Swift; Swift: The Unused Optional Value Problem

Swift Sequences and Lazy Evaluation; Lazy by name, lazy by nature; Randomly Lazy

Dollar and Cent: “Dollar is a functional tool-belt and Cent is an extension for missing methods in Swift.”

ExSwift: “A set of Swift extensions for standard types and classes.”

Making Multiplayer Games using AppWarp in Swift

Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift – Create a To-Do Application, Connect to the iTunes Search API, Best Practices, Adding Interactions, Async image loading and caching, Interaction with multiple views, Animations, Audio, and Custom Table View Cells

Swift & Cocoapods: “How to integrate Cocoapods into a vanilla Swift project.”

Swift Standard Library: “Documented and undocumented built-in functions in the Swift standard library – the complete list with all 74 functions.”

We ❤ Swift: One month of Swift

Custom Threading Operator in Swift; Async: “Syntactic sugar in Swift for asynchronous dispatches in Grand Central Dispatch.”; Latency As Effect in Swift; FutureKit / FutureKit: “A Swift based Future/Promises Library for IOS and OS X”

Tutorial: Using Generics To Implement KVO In Swift

Programming Challenge: Are You a Swift Ninja? Part 1

Swiftris: Build Your First iOS Game with Swift

Swift: Use for-in loops with your own sequence types; Sequences and Generators

Wayne Bishop’s Algorithms & Data Structures with Swift

Getting started with UIKit Dynamics in Swift Part I and Part II

Learn -> Swift: “A no-frills introduction to Swift for busy and/or curious people.”

Locking in Swift: Helping Protect Me from Myself

Swift Operators; Operator Overloading in Swift Tutorial; Facets of Swift, Part 5: Custom Operators; Operator Overloading — Tailor Swift To Your Needs; Custom Operators in Swift; Choosing the Best Expression

that thing in swift – “How do the Objective-C patterns we already know translate into Swift?”; Design-Patterns-In-Swift

Protocols in Swift: Blueprints for success; Swift Default Protocol Implementations; Swift Comparison Protocols; Swift’s Protocol Extension; Protocols and Swift; Swift and Protocols; Protocols and Generics; Generic Delegate Protocols

Apples to apples, Part II

Collection Data Structures In Swift; Swift Collection Protocols; Sorting Nibbles in Swift as a collection

Arrays and their Methods in Swift; Array extension to calculate summary statistics; Custom Subscripts in Swift

Swift Dictionary Quick Reference

Swift Set Type in Swift 1.2

Swift Literal Convertibles; Swift Literal Convertibles for Foundation; Literal Enumerations

Integers and Numeric Literals in Swift; Swift: Madness of Generic Integer; A Sanatorium for Swift Generics; Swift + Int: The little struct that could

Replace Magic Strings with Enumerations in Swift; Tuples, Structs and Enums; Raw​Option​Set​Type; Enums in Swift; Enums Instead of Booleans; Swift: Raw{Not}Representable enum; NS_OPTIONS Bitmask Generator for Swift; Loopy, Random Ideas for Extending “enum”; Swift: Enums, Pattern Matching & Generics; Swift Generics

NSNotifications with userInfo in Swift; Functional notifications

Tuples in Swift: Create, Read, and Return; On Typed Tuples in Swift; Tuples In Swift; Tuple as Function arguments

Prototyping Animated Transitions in Swift and Transitions in Swift (Part II)

objc.io #16 Swift

Functional Swift and Memoization


Swift Extensions Part 1 — Computed Properties and Initializers; 3 Nuances of Swift Extensions + Clarifying Swift Access Control

How to Build a Trivia App Using Swift Programming Language

Swift + Objc = Magic

Facebook Tweaks with Swift Tutorial

10 Swift IOS open-source projects you cannot ignore

Structures in Swift

Design Teardown: Stretchy Headers

Developing a Bidding Kiosk for iOS in Swift

Swift Initialization and the Pain of Optionals; Swift: Strange tales of initialization; Swift: The quiet affair of the failable initializer and the nil coalescing operator; Failable initializers, revisited; Nil-coalescing Operator in Swift; Nil Coalescing Operator

A Swift Corner Case “…we suddenly were left with a closure that was automatically returning something of type Void?, which clashed with addOperationWithBlock()’s expectation of Void…”

Swiftly Typing on Error Handling; Error Handling in Swift: Might and Magic and Part II; antitypical / Result “Swift type modelling the success/failure of arbitrary operations”; Swift: Putting Your Generics in a Box; Clean Optional Parameters

The Design of Types

Running Totals and Force Unwraps

Using String Ranges The Functional Way

Why we’re rewriting our robotics software in Swift

Swift Method Dispatching

Bindings, Generics, Swift and MVVM; From MVC to MVVM in Swift; Solving the binding problem with Swift; MVVM, Swift and Reactive Cocoa — It’s All Good!; Reactive Swift; MVVM In Swift

UIKitSwagger: “Simpler UIKit development in Swift.”

Swift’s pattern-matching switch statement; Custom Switch Matchers; Switches and Optionals; Filling Table Views demonstrates using switch on tuples; Pattern Matching in Swift

The 12 Apps of Swiftmas

Favorite Swift Tips & Tricks of 2014

EasyCast: “Makes math operations in Swift easier by adding automatic casting between Int, Float, CGFloat, and Double.”

Avoid using var with this one weird trick

More fun with implicitly wrapped non-optionals

Friday Q&A 2015-01-23: Let’s Build Swift Notifications; Implementing Events in Swift; Exploring KVO Alternatives in Swift; Exception Handling in Swift

Friday Q&A 2015-02-06: Locks, Thread Safety, and Swift; Friday Q&A 2015-02-20: Let’s Build @synchronized

Real World Swift

Swifty APIs: NSUserDefaults; AppInfo — Swift Api for InfoDictionary

Swift State Machines, Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3: Follow Up and Part 4: Redirect

Swift Resistance; Swift Resistance Explored; Writing our first Swift app

Swift & C: What I Learned Building Swift Bindings to libgit2; Extending C structures in Swift; Tutorial: A Quick Guide To Using C Libraries Within Swift Code; NSHipster’s Unmanaged; Swift: Working with Unmanaged Objects

Swift & the Objective-C Runtime; Objective-C Runtime with Swift

Swift: Associated Types

Swift Quickie: Capture Lists

The Importance of Being `final`; Increasing Performance by Reducing Dynamic Dispatch

Polymorphism with Return Types; Stupid Disambiguation Tricks; Type Safety in Swift: A Route Back

Dynamic Casting in Swift; Casting In Swift 1.2

Value Types Are More Valuey Than You Think

Swift asserts – the missing manual

Looping In Swift

Swift typealias to the rescue

SwiftScripting [via ScriptingBridge]: Swift Scripting Part 1 and Part 2; blakemerryman / Swift-Scripts

Swift: Occam’s Code Razor “I’m continually fascinated by how Swift compiler inferencing enables you to omit code details.”

Overriding and overloading

And note our various more focused followups for specific technologies like Core Data, SceneKit, etc.; and non-specific

objc.io’s Functional Programming In Swift for discussions of functional programming concepts

Swiftly Improving for Swift 1.2 specific discussions

And these curators:

Awesome Swift at ZEEF

Wolg / awesome-swift: “A curated list of awesome Swift frameworks, libraries and software.”

matteocrippa / awesome-swift: “A collaborative list of awesome swift resources. Feel free to contribute!”

Swift Toolbox “is a community-supported catalog of iOS and OSX libraries written in the Swift Programming Language.”

SwiftDevs.co has tutorials, examples, etc…

Swift Tutorials has more neat links

Erica Sadun’s Swift postsplaygrounds, operator snippet, type conversions, …

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