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App Marketing: ASO Explosion

So you’ve probably noticed that the ASO space has been getting pretty crowded since our last marketing roundup, but here’s developments of striking interest to both us little indies and big serious people from MobileDevHQ:

Today I’m extremely excited to announce a big new release for our users. First, we’re making big changes to our best-in-class pricing plans, expanding our free plan with huge additions. Second, we’re launching an API for our Enterprise users — allowing our customers access to their data on their own terms, in their own internal dashboards or to run custom analyses.

So if you’re another overloaded indie that’s been wondering whether this ASO thing is actually worth the trouble, go check out their presentation and sign up to try it!

Other options providing various combinations of services and tools — here’s a somewhat outdated comparison to start with — are




App Promo




ASO Professional


Mobile Action


Sensor Tower

Tried any of these — or one we’ve missed so far, which given how quickly these things are sprouting up is pretty likely — and they worked for you? Or didn’t work for you? Let us know!


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