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App Website Theme: AppifyWP Pro

So you might recall us mentioning last year this WordPress theme AppifyWP that was a pretty sweet and simple site for your app, and a free landing page too; well, it bears mention again, as they have a new Pro version that lets you easily list out multiple apps. Like, really easily:

Multiple Apps

What makes AppifyWP Pro really glow is a custom post type for your Apps that makes adding your apps as easy as adding a blog post. Each app admin screen is chock full of special settings catered for app developers. A few of those settings include app icon, devices, app screenshots, orientation, App Store links, general appearance, and much much more.

Multiple Platforms

Each app can support up to 9 platforms, with the ability to add a slideshow or video for each platform. Currently AppifyWP Pro has special templates for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Blackberry Phone, PC Screen, and Macbook Air Screen…

Retina Ready

All images used in AppifyWP Pro are retina ready so that your site is crystal clear on high dpi screens. Even images you upload are processed for retina screens as well.

Device Detection

AppifyWP Pro detects what devices people use to browse your site, and if your apps support their device, AppifyWP Pro will display the proper platform to them by default.

Coming Soon Mode

Each platform of an app has a coming soon mode you can enable to hide your app store links and show a custom coming soon message…

There’s other nifty stuff too, but that’s enough to make the point that if you’ve got an ever expanding app stable you want to web support as low overhead as you can possibly manage and still look halfway professional — why this looks like obviously your best option out there by far, head on over and check it out!

(And if you know some alternative that makes this not obviously your best option out there by far? Hey, let us know too!)