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Tips: Auto Layout

Had some … issues … getting iOS 6 auto layout to work quite the way you expect? Nope, you’re not alone.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 6.49.38 PM.png

Here’s a couple posts with some helpful tips:

Auto Layout & Interface Builder Tutorial: Solving some common problems

IB has a few quirks (some would say large number of flaws) which can make it seem like black magic trying to bend it to your will…

Issues With Achieving Auto Layout Zen

I’ve had better luck trying to read women in my failed relationships than trying to debug why my constraints aren’t working out…

Tip: Manually Adding iOS 6 Auto Layout Constraints

Tip: Ambiguous Auto Layouts in iOS 6

If you haven’t really got into this auto layout thing yet, the best introductory tutorials are at raywenderlich.com, exactly where you would expect by now:

Beginning Auto Layout in iOS 6: Part 1/2 and Part 2/2

And finally, if you think this auto layout stuff sounds kinda nifty but are stuck targeting iOS 5, might want to take a gander at

RolandasRazma / RRAutoLayout

RRTestApp has constraints based layout and all constrains added in interface builder like you normally would do for iOS6, whats interesting is that it has deployment target iOS5. You can run same project on iOS6 and iOS5 and it should look and behave (when rotating) the same. Essentially its iOS6 AutoLayout) back port to iOS5…


iOS Autolayout: Fun Facts and Tips

iMartinKiss / KeepLayout: “Making Auto Layout easier to code.”

How Much, or How Little, I Use Interface Builder These Days

⌘⇧ – Command Shift series:

dkduck / FLKAutoLayout: “is a category on UIView which makes it easy to setup layout constraints in code.”

10 Things You Need To Know About Cocoa Autolayout

Auto Layout Performance on iOS

Optimising Autolayout

cloudkite/Masonry: “A light-weight layout framework which makes creating iOS AutoLayout NSLayoutConstraints in code chainable, quick and descriptive.”

Advanced Auto Layout Toolbox

iOS 7 Tutorial Series: Auto Layout in Xcode 5

SKCore – a Simplification Toolset (Core Graphics, Autolayout and More)

Use Auto-layout In Xcode 5 For Interfaces That Adapt To Different Screens/Orientations

I Stopped Using NIBs Thanks to Auto Layout and counterpoint Why You Should Use Interface Builder With Auto Layout

A Series Of Examples On Using The iOS Auto-Layout Feature Programmatically

Achieving Zen With Auto Layout

DAlOG/Parus: “is a small objective-c DSL for AutoLayout in code.”

Dynamic Table View Cell Height and Auto Layout

Auto layout best practices for minimum pain

Auto Layout In iOS 8 – layoutDebuggingIdentifier

Tutorial: How to use Auto Layout in Xcode 6

Emulating aspect-fit behaviour using AutoLayout constraints in Xcode 6

Adaptive Layouts For iPhone 6

iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 32 :: Layout Margins

Storyboards in Xcode 6

A Guide On The Basics Of Using The Visual Format Language For Auto-Layout

robb / Cartography: “Declarative Auto Layout in Swift.”

Open Source Swift Library That Greatly Simplifies Working With Auto Layout

Dynamic UITableViewCell | Swift

Swift Script For Automatically Generating Strongly-Typed Code For Storyboards And Segues