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Fingertips: Presentation Mode

This is a slick little helper for if you’re writing software designed to run presentations, or if you want to record some screen tutorials:

developmentseed / fingertips

Fingertips: Presentation mode for your iOS app

Fingertips is a small library (currently, one class) that gives you automatic presentation mode in your iOS app. Note that currently, this is only designed for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S (or later), which feature hardware video mirroring support. This library does not do the mirroring for you!

Just drop in our replacement UIWindow subclass and your app will automatically determine when an external screen is available. It will show every touch on-screen with a nice partially-transparent graphic that automatically fades out when the touch ends.

Here’s a demo video

Handy if you need it!

h/t: @romainbriche!