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So if you browse github a bit, you’ve probably noticed references to some ‘cocoapods’ thingy recently. And what is that exactly? Why, it’s

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Specify the libraries for your project in an easy to edit text file. Then use CocoaPods to resolve all dependencies, fetch the source, and set up your Xcode workspace.

Convenient, yes? There’s a nice introductory tutorial over in Wenderlichville that collects some useful links:

Introduction to CocoaPods

…. Now that you know the CocoaPods basics, you can navigate through their wiki to discover more possibilities, including creating your own Podspec and eventually submitting it to the official repository. More about this is explained here.

You can also use a dependency without creating a Podspec. This link has more info about that (and other options that a Podfile supports).

To check if CocoaPods already supports a specific library, you can search the CocoaPods website


An example ‘release task’ that creates a new git tag and pushes a new pod spec, based on the version in your pod spec.

CocoaPods Best Practices

Digging into CocoaPods

Acceptance testing with Calabash and CocoaPods

Objective-C Vitamins discusses CocoaPods in the last section

Streamlining Cocoa Development With CocoaPods

Local CocoaPods

Handy Xcode Plugin For Working With CocoaPods

CocoaPods Under The Hood

Sharing assets across iOS projects with CocoaPods, Resource Bundle, and dynamically loaded fonts

Using CocoaPods to Modularize a Big iOS App

Tool: Xcode Plugin Providing A Nice GUI For Working With Cocoapods

NSHipster’s reflections on 0.33, history, and future…

Creating a CocoaPod

Copper “is a free GUI tool for the client side features of the CocoaPods.”

Galeas / CocoaPodUI: “XCode plugin that implements CocoaPods GUI.”

KFCocoaPodsPlugin: “Xcode 5 CocoaPods Plugin with pod commands/console output, user notifications & pod name completion.”

CocoaPods Is Ready for Swift

CocoaPods too heavyweight? Carthage / Carthage: “A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa…”; Ruthlessly Simple Dependency Management with Carthage; possible permissions error

CocoaPods (or How to Stop Worrying About Dependency Management)