Under the Bridge


So it’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Amazing how life does run away with you. And we’re off again in another couple weeks too. No rest for the iOS programmer, indeed.

To gingerly ease ourselves back into the posting routine, let’s look at a couple of the recent fabrications stamped out of the troll foundries here, shall we? Haven’t done that for a while. And these are indeed somewhat of a divergence from the accustomed trollish oeuvre; they’re actually morally uplifting!

We speak here of a collection of devotionals programmed by your humble troll for publisher Thomas Nelson via the producers Jake Press who as you can see from their projects page we’ve done a good bit of stuff for before. Two are out now and more in the planning.

#1. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young:

There’s a seven day displaying free sample version for you to check out here:


#2. Live Loved by Max Lucado:

And a free sampler for that one as well:


Yes, indeed, it’s somewhat of a refreshing change to have a hand in developing something that our dear mother approves of. Indeed, it’s very religiously correct, this iOS of ours; in case you missed it, the Pope tweets from his iPad these days. So clearly we are on the cutting edge of modern spirituality here!