Another piece with a trollish paw in its making debuted on the App Store today; 50pm — “A monthly collection of fine art photography portfolios with themes that are close to us all!”


Bit of a winding road this one had to release; it was based on the TT320 project, and the authors found their experiences pretty much in line with our general suspicion that TT320 is more trouble than it’s worth unless you are, in fact, Joe Hewitt. So they went to our oft-referenced tutorial maestro Ray Wenderlich to see about getting the various issues sorted out, and Messr. Wenderlich referred them here because, well, we guess he has a soft spot for people who link to all his blog posts, apparently. So we sorted out the initial issue list … and then added more features … and here it is. If fine art photography is your thing,

Issue 1: Family Matters, comprises the work of four artists who share inside views of their own families. It covers American family life of various social classes and a Japanese family set against a recreation of paradise. Each of these artists has connected with their family to create a beautiful, strong and often touching photo story.

As an inspirational magazine, 50PM: Issue 1: Family Matters is an absolute must have for non-photographers and photography enthusiasts alike. Family is important to us all and we guarantee that you will revisit these beautiful photo stories time and time again to be entertained, moved and inspired!

then you know you want to get the iPad paid version; if you’re not sure, check out the free iPhone sampler!


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