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In-App App Store

Here’s a nicely packaged up controller for doing cross-app promotion with an HTML view:

In-App App Store, also intro to git submodules

… As soon as you have multiple apps in the store you should make it easy for users to purchase any app from within any other app. The idea to create your own little app store that you will embed in every one of your apps. This is what we are calling an “In-App App Store”, which we will abbreviate to IAAS from now on.

You place a button somewhere on your root view that gives a hint of a call to action, such as a little wiggle or pulsating animation. When the user taps this button one of two things happens: if the user is on an iPhone, display a full screen, 320×480 modal view, and if the user is on an iPad show a 320×480 popover pointing at the button. Inside this view you put whatever you want to help cross sell your other apps. I chose to write a very short blurb about Opetopic and then display the icons to my other apps. Here is what it looks like in IsoCards and my new game, Battle Nation:


Nothing too tricky or unusual, but hey working code is always handy yes? Available on github for your cross-promotional enjoyment.


Apparently inspiration strikes twice, or something — just a couple days later, here’s another take on the same subject:

Promoting Your Other Apps Within Your Apps

And yet another, on the wonderfulness of simple one line text messages:

The Perfect Newsline